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Reviews: Candida Tea

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  • Candida Tea

    I drank the Candida Buster Tea at night, and in the morning my excruciating itching was reduced to an annoying itch. over a 3 day period, all my symptoms were gone. Not the best tasting stuff, but you can ignore the taste. *
  • Candida Tea

    I could tell a difference with the Candida Buster tea after one cup. Although the flavor took some getting used to, a week later a cough I had was gone as well. I even notice a change in my cycle I recommeded this product to a friend! *
  • Candida Tea

    Every product I've gotten from Dherbs is on the money! I've ordered various products from Dherbs and loved them all. Here's a bit of a list: Mucus Tea,Candida Tea, Yoni Formula (capsules), Full Body Detox, Fibroid Tea and capsules and more! I like the fact that there are formulas. One product for one thing. I don't have to combine all the single herbs myself. I love the products so much, I'm going to become a distributor! *
  • Candida Tea

    This tea seems to really help. I make myself a cup of this tea after a night of drinking alcohol and it helps get my ph level balanced. *
  • Candida Tea

    This tea has really helped with my Candida issues. My digestion is better and I experience less has and bloating. Don't want to be without it. *
  • Candida Tea

    It was excellent as far as seated my expectations! I feel younger and more vibrant after taking this product, as a matter of fact I'm going to order more very soon thank you! *
  • Candida Tea

    Wow this tea really helps with the itching systems from yeast. *
  • Candida Tea

    I just want to say after taking the Normalize Tea, I have been able to rest much better, relax & it has allowed me to maintain & keep my body (inside) intact. Thanks to Dherbs for having the necessary products available. *
  • Candida Tea

    The one thing I definitely notice after drinking this tea, is that I feel better. I feel clearer. I'm not congested and my head doesn't hurt. Headaches and sinus issues were daily issues for me. Not to get too personal, but I even feel like I smell better. My daily intake is about two cups a day, with honey and lemon. Again, thank you so much Dherbs. *
9 results

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Candida Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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