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Reviews: Fibroid Formula

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  • Fibroid Formula

    I would definitely recommened this product from anyone suffering from fibroids...I made the mistake of not reordering before my supply ran out and i felt the difference at the onset of my next mentrual cycle. While taking the pills my cycle was lighter and shorter by one day. Once I ran out my cycle went back to being very heavy and stretched out for seven long days. I would definitely encourage women to try this product. *
  • Fibroid Formula

    I was diagnosed with numerous fibroids that have even caused me to miscarry. Surgery was not an option for me because the doctors said that because of the position of the fibroid, there could be damage that would leave me infertile. After taking only 2 bottles of the Fibroid Buster, my sonogram revealed no fibroids. Thanks Dherbs!! *
  • Fibroid Formula

    I'm really feeling this product (no pun intended)...before I started taking this, I could literally feel what I suspect was a large fibroid below the skin of my abdomen... now, even after pressing very hard on my abdomen to try and find it, I can't... my periods are also noticeably different... while I never had harsh cycles, they are even lighter which pleases me... thanks dherbs! I will continue to take these 'cause I don't want to be cut open only for them to grow back ! *
  • Fibroid Formula

    I was skeptical about purchasing this product but i am glad that i did. Within a week of beginning this formula my symptoms such as frequent urination and protruding stomach began to subside and have not returned. The pressure that i normally feel from my fibroid during my menstrual cycle has gone away as well. This product works and i recommend that anyone suffering from fibroids to try it. *
  • Fibroid Formula

    I have taken Fibroid Buster after my painstaking search for a product that really works. The synergistic effect of all the herbs created a tremendous impact on the dissolution of my fibroids. This product have rescued me from surgery. Fibroid Buster have surpassed my wildest expectations. Thank you Dherbs. *
  • Fibroid Formula

    I have being taking the fibroid buster along with the fibroid buster tea and I have notice a big differnece in the size of my tummy, I no longer look pregnant and it is noticable ad I also feel better I no longer feel swollen and my menses is lighter.. Although I have not gotten a ultra sound I am positive that my fibroids have shrunk I would recommend this to anyone Marcia ***** *
  • Fibroid Formula

    My lower abdomen was scanned and in the process the only "abnormality" found was a fibroid tumor on the left side of my uterus (which I am sure was the result of hormone replacement therapy which I was dumb enoughto use in the 1990's for too many years). They said the fibroid was "small" - the size of a golf ball - duh (compared to grapefruit and orange sized tumors it may have been "small"), but it did not belong in my body and I wanted to get rid of it "herbally" (been using herbs since the early 1980's when I learned that "White Man's Medicine", as I call it, severely disagrees with me most of the time). I scheduled an appointment with my GYN so he could refer me for a follow up Ultrasound and while I waited to seehim, I began researching fibroids in alternative health books and online and I found the FIBROID BUSTER Formula at Dherbs.com. I started using it in May 2006 and by the time I saw the GYN, the fibroid was already half the size and by the time the Ultrasound date came, it was almost non-existant! All this took a very short time (a few months and I did not even finish the all of the formula yet)! I felt less "pressure" in the lower left area of my abdomen. The doctor claimed these go away on their own as estrogen production stops, but I have been menopausal for almost a decade before the tumor was found, so I have no doubt that the FIBROID BUSTER Formula did the trick. I could literally FEEL it shrinking away! I realize larger tumors may take a longer while to shrink, but this product truly works without side effects or any kind of assault on the body - one day you just FEEL GOOD again and your body is the way GOD intended it to be! I highly recommend FIBROID BUSTER Formula and am grateful that this formula exists, especially for women who have only been offered surgery as an option to a serious condition - now they can make a healthy, uninvasive, unmutilative alternative choice! I have been an avid user of Dherbs products ever since! Oxana Szwec Philadelphia PA *
  • Fibroid Formula

    I have been taking this product for 2 months. I have noticed a remarkable difference in my periods. They are nowhere as heavy as before. I'm not sure if the fibroids are actually shrinking but the product is worth taking simple because of the change in my monthly cycle. I will continue to taking the product on a daily basis. Thanks for a wonderful product. *
  • Fibroid Formula

    This product kept my ease and discomfort of the fibroids under control. I've already used two bottles. I took it to my ob/gyn, he looked curiously at the ingredients in it and he told me to continue with this product, especially after telling him all surgeries were out of the question! *
90 results

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