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Reviews: Maintenance Package

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  • Maintenance Package

    The Maintenance Package is an awesome product! I have purchased this product twice....it really works. I am so pleased with the fact that I am able to finally maintain my weight loss. Thank you DHerbs! *
  • Maintenance Package

    I was able to maintain weight, and eat contently. The products are great and will be used again. *
  • Maintenance Package

    I gave this a 5 star rating because after completing the cleanse, I maintained the 10 lbs. weight loss for 5 months and I still ate regular foods. I just kept my eating sensible. *
  • Maintenance Package

    What a great follow up to the full body cleanse. It helped me maintain the weight I lost and my new raw food life. It's essential, do yourself a favor and order with the full body cleanse because you're going to want to use it. *
  • Maintenance Package

    I like the Dherbs products and the maintenance package is no exception. *
  • Maintenance Package

    I used the maintenance package after I followed the 20 day cleanse and it was very successful. The maintenance package allowed me 2 stay on track and stay healthy after my cleanse. I have bragged to everyone about Dherbs products and how they really work! I will be a repeat customer!! Thank you Dherbs for offering successful products. *
  • Maintenance Package

    I just finished the Maintenance package and it worked as described. I maintain the 40 pounds I lost after I did the 10 day body cleanse and I am looking forward to trying more of DHERBS products. Thanks DHERBS FAMILY!! *
  • Maintenance Package

    The Maintenance Package did a great job to help me to continue to stay or track and reap the benefits of the Full Body Cleanse. *
  • Maintenance Package

    Excellent way to keep the body in check after a full body cleanse. The mind stays clear and sharp and helps keep the weight to where I want it to be. Individuals have the option to take it as much or as often suiting ones lifestyle. Have told several people of this product as well as the full body cleanse and they are looking to order the products. I Highly Recommend it! *
  • Maintenance Package

    This helped me to maintain what I started with the cleanse. I love these products. It helped to keep my cravings under control- and to help me feel better - my energy level was so much better and the mucus that I ALWAYS had in my throat is now gone. My stomach is not bloated and tight and my midsection is gone. *
129 results

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Maintenance Package 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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