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Reviews: Oral Antiseptic Spray

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Oral Antiseptic Spray

by Oxana
I burned the inside of my nostrils by inhaling very hot steam and did not even realize the the damage done until the mucous membranes became extremely painful when huge blisters developed at the opening and deeper inside my nose! Because of the moist environment, I greatly feared infection and did not know what to do for the pain. Then I remembered I had reordered Dherbs ORAL SPRAY and figured if it was safe for my mouth, it was safe for my nose! The spray mist form was perfect because the blistered swelling was so bad I could not even insert a cue tip into my nose. The damaged tissue responded immediately to the soothing spray and the unblistered nostril was pain free the next day! The blisteredr one began to show signs of healing - the blisters grew smaller and then huge scabs began to form. This too was uncomfortable/painful and I remembered I had OZ Oil so I began applying it daily with a cue tip alternating with the spray, and the scabs softened, diminished in size and gradually disappeared and my nose was once again normal. This took some time, but the obvious healing taking place gave me confidence and calmed me that I was recovering from my steamy mishap and frightening and painful experience. This is not quite why ORAL SRAY was developed, but it's soothing, healing, medicinal properties and easy application method gave me relief, comfort, and confidence that complete healing will be imminent. I no longer feared infection or permanent damage to the inside of my nose and undue stress was eliminated along with fear. I originally purchased ORAL SPRAY because I tend to get mouth irritation from overly acidic food or drinks and sometimes my dog gets overly affectionate :) I also dance a lot and like to take preventive measures to remain germ-free after close contact with many individuals - I believe it strengthens my immune system and keeps me from getting respiratory infections too. And it became a very handy remedy/cure in my very unusual steamy circumstance. Because it is such an effective first aid, I strongly recommend it for everyone's medicine cabinet! It is great stuff, non oily and I like the cloves taste and smell! Definitely worth the price! I hope this review is of service to someone in need of aid. Best wishes for good health to all! Sincerely, Oxana Szwec Philadelphia PA *
5 / 5

Oral Antiseptic Spray

by Marylee
I really like this Oral Antiseptic Spray!! It was an excellent remedy for my tonsillitis!! My tonsillitis is now gone after just a few days of using this product!! *
5 / 5

Oral Antiseptic Spray

by Albert
I'm a Baltimore Ravens fan and the Oral Antiseptic Spray really helped my laryngitis after one of their games. I mean, my voice was gone. This was very soothing for that inflammation. Thanks *
4 / 5
Oral Antiseptic Spray 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
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