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Reviews: Parasite & Worm Tea

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  • Parasite & Worm Tea

    This tea (Parasite & Worm tea) is so powerful. I can't believe what types of parasites were coming out of me and what a relief it was. It was frightening to see them but a sense of relief also. I highly recommend this tea if you cannot afford to buy the Parasite Formula. It truly works! You will be amazed of what you have living inside of your body. *
  • Parasite & Worm Tea

    The Parasite and Worm Tea has somewhat a bitter taste, but I got use to it and my skin problem (due to parasites) is clearing up. I will continue to use the tea as well as other Dherbs products. Great products!! *
  • Parasite & Worm Tea

    I have been drinking this tea for two weeks now as I (free will) prefer my parasite & worm tea in the evening right before I go to bed, when the herbal tea is effectively cleansing the intestinal tract as I am resting; therefore, the following morning my colon is prepared for proper elimination. Like all of his (DHERBS) colon eliminative formulas this particular one in tea form is guaranteed to stir it up and move it out where it belongs. Much SUCCESS and better health to us all. Hotep! *
  • Parasite & Worm Tea

    The Parasite & Worm tea has been very beneficial for my husband and I. However since the taste of the tea is strong it is hard to drink on it's own. I recommend you use a natural sweetener. *
  • Parasite & Worm Tea

    I feel that the Parasite and Worm tea works...it definitely produces bowel movements! Don't be alarmed when the "not-so" pretty things come out of your body! The taste is horrible, but after a while, you'll get used to it! *
  • Parasite & Worm Tea

    The Parasite & Worm Tea is a very good product. It is especially helpful in cleaning out those nasty worms, and greedy parasites. I recommend this product for men, women, and children because there are parasites in almost everything we eat. I feel much better after drinking this tea for 2 weeks, and i will be ordering more. thanks dherbs. *
  • Parasite & Worm Tea

    This tea (Parasite & Worm tea) works, but the taste takes some time to get used to. I highly suggest adding the lemon juice and a touch of Agave as they suggest on the label. Goes down much smoother when you add a few ice cubes after steeping. I drink the tea along with the PARASITE AND WORM CLEANSE & REGIMEN. *
  • Parasite & Worm Tea

    The Parasite & Worm tea has a small bitter aftertaste which I believe is from the wormwood. Overall, the Parasite & Worm tea is great and cleanses your system. *
  • Parasite & Worm Tea

    Although the taste takes some time getting used to, the Parasite & Worm tea is effective. Since using the tea, my bowel movements have been noticeably better. *
18 results

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