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Tagged: cheese

Nacho Cheese Sauce

This recipe shows you how easy it is to make healthy ingredients taste like delicious nacho cheese. It’s so incredibly cheesy!

Cheezy Vegan Cauliflower Nuggets

These look freakishly like chicken nuggets. Though there’s a big distinct difference in taste, it is totally awesome to eat. The cheesy flavor is very satisfying.

Vegan Mac & Cheese with Peas

If you’re vegan, this will taste pretty darn cheesy. If you are a true cheese lover, you won’t be totally fooled, but you will devour it anyway.

Feta Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Roasted red peppers are featured in this intriguing pureed soup with onion, celery, red wine and mint. This is a very hearty soup, I recommend serving 6 to 8 ounces as an appetizer. Very good garnished with crispy bacon bits and mint.