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Nourishing Apple Pie Porridge

While this is not a true porridge, as it contains no grains, this little bowl is as satisfying as oatmeal and it keeps you feeling full.

Raw Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet and spicy like the Thanksgiving classic, but so much lighter and healthier. Try this healthy, raw rendition and see how you like it.

Pink Dream Juice

Rich in vitamin K, beta-carotene, bromelain, and a hefty dose of vitamin C, this pink dream juice will have you dreaming of deliciousness!

Pasta with Cashew Sauce & Avocado

Raw pasta is so satisfying. You think you won’t be full after eating it, but you always are! Probably because of all the fiber and water in veggies, plus the delicious sauce on the noodles. Try this recipe!

Yam Noodles with Sweet Sauce and Mushrooms

This is a quick dinner. The recipe needs no pre-planning. Yams are perfect for pasta.They have the right texture, taste and appearance to fool all your complex-carb-inclined friends.