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Mediterranean Zucchini Pasta

Get your spiralizer out because it’s time to make some zoodles! This recipe is not cleanse-approved, but it is a healthy vegan entree.

Homemade Vegan Vietnamese Pho

Warm your soul with this vegan take on a classic Vietnamese noodle soup. The broth is where it’s at! We know you’ll love it!

Spicy Thai Curry Noodle Soup

In 15 minutes you have a broth with depth of flavor that will confuse you into thinking that it was simmering away all day. The pile of fresh toppings cuts through the rich broth and makes the whole soup sing.

Curried Butternut Noodles

This is an easy recipe with big flavors. You may not suspect it, but the noodles are delicious raw. This dish also satisfies cravings.

Ramen Noodles

Nothing comforts the soul like a bowl of warm, nourishing soup. This recipe combines zucchini noodles with veggies and a flavorful broth.