5 Natural Remedies That Help Get Rid of Acne

5 Natural Remedies That Help Get Rid of Acne

We’ve all woken up with pimples or zits right on our faces. Whether it’s the first day on the job or a regular Saturday, it is never fun. You try to cover it up but you know it’s there and you feel like everyone’s staring.

Acne is a common condition that affects the skin’s oil glands. Your pores (small holes in the skin) connect to the oil glands via canals called follicles, which carry dead skin cells to the skin’s surface. Acne occurs when the secretions from these oil glands clog the pores. When pores get clogged, they can turn into pimples, tender inflammations, or nodules, which can sometimes develop into cystic acne (harder lumps beneath the skin) that can become infected.

While acne is not dangerous, it can occasionally leave the affected person with scars, or just dampen a person’s day. We have some great natural remedies to help you get rid of acne.

#1: Apple Cider Vinegar

This is the mighty healer! Pour a little apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and gently dab it on your zit or pimple. Commence natural healing! The vinegar reduces redness and exfoliates the skin. Wash your face after and you should see results.

#2: Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is great because it helps unclog your pores and then shrinks them, which helps keep your face clean. Additionally, the clay exfoliates the skin, makes it softer, and pulls out toxins. Wash your face with water first before applying the clay to your face. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with the clay for extra benefits.

#3: Bananas

Bananas for pimples? After you’re done eating the banana, take a strip of the peel, turn it inside out, and rub it on the affected areas of your face. It reduces inflammation and can help get rid of pimples. Try it out!

#4: Garlic

Garlic has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which fight off the pimples. If you don’t feel like eating a lot of garlic in your diet, rub a garlic clove on the affected area; try to ignore the smell. And wash up after because you don’t want to be stinking like garlic.

#5: Lemon and Honey

This is a tried and true combination for healthy skin. Cut a lemon in half, drizzle some raw honey on the cut side, and rub it on your face. Make sure to squeeze the lemon a little to get that vitamin C in your pores. Your skin is going to look refreshed and hydrated, which is great for getting rid of acne.



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