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Metabolism is a word that gets thrown around a lot in regards to weight loss. Some people don’t even know what it is, and others think that a thin person most certainly has a “fast metabolism.” A lot of people believe that boosting the metabolism is the answer to losing weight. This theory is mildly correct, but there is a lot more to it than that.


The word “metabolism” is used to describe all chemical reactions in the body. Metabolism is not the same as metabolic rate, although the two are often incorrectly interchanged. A person’s metabolic rate is the amount of calories he or she burns. The higher the rate, the more calories one burns, making it a little easier to keep excess weight off. A higher metabolic rate also gives you more energy.


What Is Your Metabolism?

The body doesn’t solely burn calories during exercise; rather, the body burns calories every minute of every day to keep you alive. Every chemical reaction and bodily process contributes to your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). It’s also important to note that one’s metabolism is made up of three things: basal metabolic rate (BMR), exercise, and non-exercise adaptive thermogenesis (NEAT).


Everybody has a different BMR, which is the number of calories the body burns to keep you alive. From converting food into energy and beyond, the BMR comprises 70% of your metabolism. NEAT makes up 20% of your metabolism, and it accounts for everything that the body does that isn’t exercise (texting, shivering, or fidgeting, for example). Exercise burns additional calories, but only comprises 10% of your metabolism.


Can You Boost Your Metabolism?

Boosting the metabolism can be thought of as how to increase the total number of calories burned per day. While exercising more is beneficial for overall health, eating a healthy plant-based diet is one of the best ways to improve your BMR. This supports the theory that losing weight is about 80% diet and 20% exercise. Exercise helps with endorphin production and boosting circulation, but it is isn’t the main aspect of weight loss.


When we refer to a well-balanced diet, we mean that it is integral to have adequate protein, healthy fats, carbs, and fiber to keep hormones balanced. A hormonal imbalance can lead to weight gain and other health problems. Protein burns more calories than carbs and fat, and fiber is another nutrient that requires more energy to digest. Maximize your BMR by getting sufficient amounts of fiber and protein in your diet. Remember that you can get a lot of protein from plant-based foods!


You May Need To Increase Muscle Mass:

Muscle burns six calories per pound, whereas fat burns two calories per pound. That may not seem like a huge difference, but those four extra calories can have a bigger impact over time. Increasing muscle mass must come with a little restraint, though. As you build muscle and exercise more, you’ll need to eat more. This means that you have to put weight loss goals in place while building muscle mass. It’s also integral to allow the body sufficient recovery time between workouts. Adequate sleep and rest is key to allow hormones to normalize. Remember, the longer you stay awake, the more likely you are to eat late at night, which can disrupt normal digestive function and throw the metabolism out of whack.


In conclusion, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer or a quick fix for boosting one’s metabolism. There are small changes you can make: taking part in high-intensity workouts, standing instead of sitting, eating right, and walking more. All of these things help increase the amount of calories you burn each day.








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These Short H.I.I.T. Workouts Can Improve Endurance https://www.dherbs.com/articles/these-short-h-i-i-t-workouts-can-improve-endurance/ https://www.dherbs.com/articles/these-short-h-i-i-t-workouts-can-improve-endurance/#comments Tue, 18 Sep 2018 11:30:43 +0000 https://www.dherbs.com/?p=85286 High-intensity workouts can help you improve endurance & burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Try these short workouts and see!


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Some people claim that they don’t have enough time in the day to squeeze in a workout. Those people have obviously never heard of high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) because these short workouts can have you sweating bullets within ten minutes. This type of exercise has science-backed proof and you don’t have to dedicate hours out of your week to experience the benefits.


H.I.I.T. 101:

This training alternates between short bursts of strenuous exercise and low-intensity recovery periods. Essentially, you are packing the benefits of a 30-minute jog into a few minutes. H.I.I.T. can save you from spending hours in the gym, which is beneficial for those who don’t have a lot of time. The best part is that H.I.I.T. can be applied to any activity you enjoy, including swimming, running, biking, jumping rope, walking, skipping, or climbing. Be prepared to push you body to the limit, though!


Many people turn to H.I.I.T. because they can burn a lot more calories in a shorter amount of time. In fact, studies show that people who did H.I.I.T. burned 25-30% more calories than other forms of exercise. Additionally, your metabolic rate is higher for a longer period of time after you complete the workout. This can shift the body’s attention to using fat for energy, as opposed to carbs and sugar.


Obviously, H.I.I.T. isn’t a walk in the park, but it isn’t a go-until-you’re-dead type of exercise, either. Essentially, you shouldn’t be able to be a Chatty Kathy during your high-intensity workout. You are doing it right if you can only utter a few words at a time.






If you Have 10 Minutes…

If you like to run, swim, row, or bike in small doses, then this is the workout for you. You’ll experience a total of one minute of intense exercise over a ten-minute period. A study found that people who did this ten-minute workout three times a week improved endurance by 12%. To do the workout:

  • Warm up for 2 minutes.
  • Pedal, run, or swim all-out for 20 seconds
  • Pedal, run, or swim slowly for 2 minutes
  • Pedal, run, or swim all-out for 20 seconds
  • Pedal, run, or swim slowly for 2 minutes
  • Pedal, run, or swim all-out for 20 seconds
  • Cool down for 3 minutes.
  • Do this three times a week (a total of 30 minutes of exercise)


If You Have 7 Minutes…

This workout uses your body weight, a wall, and a chair…that’s it. You’ll be breathless, not winded, after this regimen. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, resting for only 10 seconds between each one. To do the workout:

  • Jumping jacks for 30 seconds
  • Wall sit for 30 seconds
  • Push-ups for 30 seconds
  • Abdominal crunches for 30 seconds
  • Step-ups onto the chair for 30 seconds
  • Squats for 30 seconds
  • Triceps dip on the chair for 30 seconds
  • Plank for 30 seconds
  • High knees for 30 seconds
  • Alternating lunges for 30 seconds
  • Push-ups with rotation for 30 seconds
  • Side plank, each side for 30 seconds


Whatever H.I.I.T. workout you decide to do, you’ll always have time to fit it into your busy day. Remember to keep it interesting in order to look forward to your workout. Change up the music, location, and exercises so that you aren’t always doing the same things. The body can become used to complacency, meaning you won’t necessarily experience the same results every time if you do the same workout. Try to do an H.I.I.T. workout three times a week for at least ten minutes each time to get the best results. Have fun!






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Sober September May Lead To A Healthier Fall Season https://www.dherbs.com/articles/sober-september-may-lead-to-a-healthier-fall-season/ https://www.dherbs.com/articles/sober-september-may-lead-to-a-healthier-fall-season/#comments Mon, 17 Sep 2018 11:22:39 +0000 https://www.dherbs.com/?p=85282 As the counterpart to dry January, Sober September is a chance to get your health back on track to finish the year off right!


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It’s no secret that some people get a little carried away with their alcohol consumption during the summer months. From picnics in the park to barbecues with friends, bad drinking habits can form and derail health goals. This is why lots of people are turning to thirty-day detox periods to help reshape behaviors and achieve goals. There’s no better way to do that than through some alliteration, by which of course we mean Sober September.


To give you the short version, Sober September is a chance for people to dry out, so to speak. September marks the beginning of the school year and the beginning of the fall season, in which people gain more weight than they do throughout the rest of the year. Considering that roughly 30% of people over 18 reportedly engage in binge-drinking, taking a month off of alcohol may not be the worst idea.


What Can A Month Without Booze Do For You?

Many people find that giving up alcohol can help them be more productive, lose weight, improve their complexion, and save more money. On a more medicinal note, a month without alcohol can decrease fat levels on the liver, lower cholesterol, and can help regulate blood sugar levels.


A Sober September may not work out if you don’t have a reason or motivation. Do you want to save money, lose weight, hit the reset button, or cut down on drinking? Remember that it is crucial to think of your reasoning behind Sober September when you want to drink. Use the following tips to help you have a successful Sober September.


Invite Your Friends:

Whether you are training for a marathon, giving up sweets, or not drinking for a month, it can be beneficial to do it with a few friends. Accountability partners help to keep you on track! Not only will you all be heading towards the same goal, but you can all find new booze-free activities to do together.


Identify What Makes You Want To Drink:

A relationship with alcohol can often be emotional. People commonly turn to alcohol when they are upset, want to “get the party going,” or feeling sad (and alcohol depresses them even more). Identify when you feel like you are missing out or craving a drink. This may happen when you’re stressed, want to relax, or celebrate good news. When you identify the thing that makes you want to drink, swap it for another activity.


Evaluate Cravings:

Alcohol contains a lot of sugar, which means that quitting alcohol can drastically reduce your sugar intake, depending on how much you drink. If losing weight is part of your Sober September goals, don’t substitute the sugar in alcohol for other sweet treats or foods that contain added sugars.


Reward Yourself:

If you go out with friends to a place that serves alcohol and you don’t order a drink, don’t forget to congratulate yourself. Rewards can keep you on track! If you’ve wanted to take dance lessons, treat yourself to them with all that money that you haven’t spent on booze. Don’t forget that one of the biggest rewards is having hangover-free mornings.


Try, Try, And Try Again:

If you happen to fall of the wagon during Sober September, don’t beat yourself up about it. Try starting again in October, or any day for that matter. It’s important for your health, and for your self-confidence to complete the full 30 days. If you make it to day 30 and are enjoying how you feel, see if you can make it to day 45. You may learn to live without alcohol the longer you go without it, or you’ll at least learn to limit yourself to sensible amounts.







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5 Signs That Your Body Is In Ketosis https://www.dherbs.com/articles/5-signs-that-your-body-is-in-ketosis/ https://www.dherbs.com/articles/5-signs-that-your-body-is-in-ketosis/#comments Tue, 11 Sep 2018 10:25:57 +0000 https://www.dherbs.com/?p=85028 Are you on the ketogenic diet, but don't know if it is working? These signs can help you identify whether or not you are in ketosis.


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The ketogenic diet has taken the health world by storm. The high-fat approach to losing weight seems like a foreign concept to a lot of people, yet there are many people who have lost 40 pounds or more while doing this diet. Some people are curious about the diet, but don’t know where to start; while others think they are doing it right, but are going about it all wrong.


It can be difficult to know exactly what is going on inside your body. The main objective of the ketogenic diet is to get your body into the metabolic state of ketosis. When you reach ketosis, your body becomes a fat-burning machine as opposed to a sugar-burning machine. Because the body burns fat for energy, the fat on your body starts to vanish. How do you know whether or not your body is in ketosis, though? The following signs can help you determine if you are in ketosis.


Weight Loss:

This is the sign that people want to see, and people who follow the diet perfectly can experience between 4-10 pounds of weight loss within the first week. Most of this weight is water and carbs that the body has stored in fat cells. After the initial rapid weight loss, you can continue to lose body fat if you stick to the diet and exercise. A lot of people go wrong after the initial process and start making common keto mistakes, which destroys the progress.


Mental Clarity & Energy:

A lot of people get the afternoon crash and instinctively reach for an unhealthy snack and some sort of caffeine out of habit. One of the benefits of ketosis is that your blood sugar isn’t riding a crazy rollercoaster, helping you to feel continuously alert and energized.


Loss Of Appetite:

You aren’t as hungry when you are on the keto diet because the healthy fats that comprise 70% of the diet help to keep you full. This means that you only eat when you necessary. Not only does this prevent overeating, but it also helps to reduce your caloric intake, which is an essential part of losing weight.


Short-Term Fatigue:

Hang on a second…Didn’t we just talk about mental clarity and more energy? Yes, yes we did. It can take a little time for the body to catch up with the process of ketosis, though. While the body is catching up, some people can experience the “keto flu,” a phase in which one can experience fatigue, mild nausea, and minor headaches. This can only last for a couple days so don’t let this deter you from sticking to the diet. The benefits will come.


Upset Stomach:

A person who is entering into ketosis may experience a couple digestive troubles. You may experience nothing of the sort, but it is possible to experience constipation or diarrhea. These symptoms will subside once the body adapts to being in the state of ketosis. Eat the following keto-approved veggies to minimize digestive troubles.

  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli
  • Zucchini
  • Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Cauliflower
  • Asparagus
  • Avocado
  • Cucumbers
  • Cabbage
  • Berries







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Melt Stomach Fat By Eating These Foods https://www.dherbs.com/articles/melt-stomach-fat-by-eating-these-foods/ https://www.dherbs.com/articles/melt-stomach-fat-by-eating-these-foods/#comments Wed, 05 Sep 2018 11:30:55 +0000 https://www.dherbs.com/?p=84667 Eating the right foods and exercising may still result in excess weight around your stomach. Eat these foods to help banish belly fat.


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Belly fat can be stubborn and it can take a little extra effort to make it go away. People can spend hours in the gym trying to achieve rock-hard, washboard abs, but all that effort may be for naught if they aren’t eating the right foods. It’s time to double-team the bulge around the midsection with exercise and fat-burning foods.


When it comes to eating for a flatter stomach, you have to eat foods that work to boost the metabolism and keep you feeling full. Snacking is acceptable, when you are snacking on the right foods. Chips or processed sugary snacks don’t satisfy your hunger; rather, they keep you craving more, which is why it is possible to eat an entire bag of chips and still feel hungry.


A Few Rules For A Flatter Stomach

Rules For Breakfast:

Your breakfast should be between about 300-400 calories. There should also be about ten grams of protein in this breakfast. Opt for steel cut oats, hemp hearts, chia seeds, and fresh fruit, as opposed to instant oatmeal, frozen breakfast sandwiches, or other processed foods containing refined sugars.


Rules For Snacking:

Eat 100-200 calories whenever your three primary meals are more than three hours apart. You should snack on things like raw nuts and seeds, or fresh fruit/vegetable sticks.


Rules For Lunch:

Lunch should be about 400-500 calories and vegetables should comprise 50% or more of your entire meal. Try to avoid processed ingredients and include at least five grams of fiber.


Rules For Dinner:

Like lunch, dinner should be about 400-500 calories. 50% of your meal should contain non-starchy vegetables, about 25% should be lean protein, and legumes or whole grains should not exceed 20% of your meal (the legumes and whole grains are optional). Once again, avoid processed foods and refined sugars.


If you want to do a little trimming around the midsection, incorporate the following foods into your diet.



Almonds are rich in heart-healthy, monounsaturated fats, which help to burn belly fat. They help to keep you full and work to curb cravings. They are also rich in protein and fiber. Make sure to eat raw almonds for the best benefits.



We are of course referring to rolled oats or steel cut oats, not instant oatmeal. Oats are full of fiber, protein, and just the right amount of carbs to keep you full until lunch. Oats also help to jump-start the metabolism and regulate blood sugar levels.



Filled with powerful antioxidants, pomegranates work to eliminate excess toxins from the body. They also help to decrease your appetite, which means you won’t be reaching for food when you aren’t hungry.



Eating too many avocados isn’t recommended because they do contain fat. However, an avocado or two a day is beneficial because they help to boost the metabolism and testosterone, which is responsible for weight loss in men and women. They also help to keep you full.


Olive Oil:

The idea behind putting olive oil on this list is mildly based on the ketogenic diet. Olive oil, much like the avocado, is rich in healthy fats that help to satiate your body’s cravings for fat. Use olive oil or coconut oil instead of other oils for a slimmer midsection.


Other Notable Mentions:

  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Pears
  • Dried Fruit
  • Leafy Greens
  • Peaches
  • Cantaloupe







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Eat These Foods To Naturally Cleanse Your Body https://www.dherbs.com/articles/eat-these-foods-to-naturally-cleanse-your-body/ https://www.dherbs.com/articles/eat-these-foods-to-naturally-cleanse-your-body/#comments Thu, 30 Aug 2018 11:30:23 +0000 https://www.dherbs.com/?p=84661 There are many ways to cleanse the body, but one of the best ways is via your diet. Eat these foods to help eliminate toxins form the body.


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Bloating, gas, or constipation is quite common in America, primarily because of how much junk food and processed ingredients people eat. While it is possible to eat foods that help naturally cleanse the body, they don’t really work if a dietary change is not made. Making the decision to eat healthier not only aids the natural cleansing process, but it also helps with weight loss, improved digestion, clearer skin, and a stronger immune system.


There are certain foods that benefit the liver, while other foods work to cleanse the lymphatic system or kidneys. As we mentioned before, these foods work best when they aren’t working through the built-up toxins from unhealthy foods. While we always advocate to cleanse the body at least twice a year, incorporate the following foods into your daily diet to aid the year-round cleansing process.



Whether you like green or red cabbage, keep eating it because it contains sulforaphane, which helps eliminate toxins. Glutathione, which is an antioxidant that boosts liver function, is also abundant in cabbage. You can also eat sauerkraut (cabbage in its fermented form), to help promote healthy gut bacteria.


Citrus Fruit:

Regularly consuming lemons, oranges, limes, or grapefruit can help to naturally flush toxins from the body. Citrus fruits help to jump-start the enzymatic processes in the digestive tract, and they also work to cleanse the kidneys and liver. Adding pieces of citrus fruits to your water is a great way to constantly reap their benefits. Their alkalinity also helps restore the body’s pH balance.



Garlic is a great cleansing food because it stimulates the production of detoxification enzymes in the liver. These enzymes help to filter the toxins from the digestive system. Start adding garlic to your meals, or add it to juices or smoothies for the raw benefits.


Leafy Greens:

It’s important to eat your green vegetables, and not just because your mother said so. Leafy greens help to boost chlorophyll levels in the digestive tract, which aids with natural cleansing. Chlorophyll helps remove toxic metals, herbicides, pesticides, and other environmental toxins from the body. Because greens are versatile, you can consume them in the form of salads, smoothies, soups, juices, or dips.


Green Tea:

Containing antioxidants that help boost liver performance, green tea is also rich in catechins, which work to fight the growth of cancer cells. Green tea can help to naturally wash away toxins as it passes through the digestive tract.



Beets are rich in magnesium, iron, and vitamin C, which helps to fight free radicals. The fiber in beets helps to increase the amount of antioxidant enzymes in the liver. Additionally, beets can help the liver and gallbladder eliminate excess bile.







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5 Common Mistakes People Make On The Ketogenic Diet https://www.dherbs.com/articles/5-common-mistakes-people-make-on-the-ketogenic-diet/ https://www.dherbs.com/articles/5-common-mistakes-people-make-on-the-ketogenic-diet/#comments Tue, 28 Aug 2018 11:45:47 +0000 https://www.dherbs.com/?p=84650 Doing keto the right way is the best way to sustain long-term weight loss. See what keto mistakes people are making and how to fix them.


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As the ketogenic diet has grown in popularity, due to the inspirational weight loss testimonials, more and more people are trying out the diet. What a lot of people don’t realize, though, is that the ketogenic diet is more about lifestyle change than a short-term weight loss diet. And like many lifestyle changes, there are many learning curves in the process.


Everybody makes mistakes, but it is crucial to realize your mistakes on the keto diet so that you don’t continue down the wrong path. Because of the regimented food categories, you need to be consuming the right foods for an effective weight loss program. You also need to ensure that you are eating anti-inflammatory foods that feed your microbiome.


A proper ketogenic diet should primarily consist of high fat, moderate protein, and minimal carbohydrates. People can wrap their minds around this, but the difficulty comes when it is time to apply it to real life. Avoid the following mistakes to succeed on the ketogenic diet.


Not Eating Enough Veggies:

A healthy ketogenic diet should predominantly be plant-based, consisting of a wide variety of leafy green vegetables. In addition to the phytonutrients you get from these veggies, their fiber content plays a role in becoming fat adapted (i.e. ketogenic). Eating fiber-rich green vegetables does not affect blood sugar levels, ultimately having a negligible effect on insulin.


Overloading On Protein:

Roughly 70% of the ketogenic diet should be comprised of healthy fats. Keto and paleo are not one in the same! Fat is the primary source of energy on the keto diet. In fact, too much protein can be converted to sugar, raising glucose levels, and making it hard for the body to remain in ketosis.


Filling Up On The Wrong Foods:

You aren’t supposed to overeat or consume whatever proteins or fats your heart desires, even if you are hardly eating any carbs. For your success, it is integral to make smart choices. Certain vegetable and seed oils are not keto-friendly and can put undo stress on the body. Stick to coconut, avocado, and olive oils to help your body remain in ketosis.


Snacking Or Mindless Eating:

Some people snack out of boredom or anxiety, while others snack as a habit. We often associate snacking with things like watching a movie, going out for coffee, or hanging out at a potluck. Snacking is not conducive to your success on the ketogenic diet. Only snack when you are hungry and try not to put yourself in situations, in which you habitually snack.


Fearing Fat:

It can be difficult to embrace a high-fat diet when it comes to losing weight. People are used to avoiding fat and find it a little overwhelming to eat as many fats as the keto diet entails. Ketosis is all about eating healthy fats to help your body burn fat. While this may seem counterintuitive, make room for avocado, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, a little dark chocolate, and wild caught fish. When you eat healthy fats, you stay full for a long time and consume less.







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How To Build Your Own Successful Detox Waters https://www.dherbs.com/articles/how-to-build-your-own-successful-detox-waters/ https://www.dherbs.com/articles/how-to-build-your-own-successful-detox-waters/#comments Fri, 24 Aug 2018 11:30:53 +0000 https://www.dherbs.com/?p=84367 Detox waters don’t require much work, but they offer tremendous health benefits. Brighten your water with herbs, fruits, and extras!


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Sometimes you go into a restaurant or hotel lobby and find a water dispenser with fruit or herbs in it. You take a glass, fill it up, taste it, and realize that it’s the best water you’ve ever had in your entire life. You go back for another glass, wanting to quickly relive that refreshing, herbaceous, fruity flavor that makes you feel like you are on a beach in the tropics. You just drank some detox water, friend.


You don’t have to visit fancy restaurants to savor this elegant beverage ever again because we are going to teach you how to make the perfect detox waters. Whenever you crave some cumber, lime, & mint water, you’ll be able to indulge and refresh your palate. Not only is creating a detox water one of the easiest things you’ll ever do, it is also a great way to obtain a variety of nutrients that can boost the metabolism.


Detox waters are a great way to encourage hydration. Because water is needed for pretty much every function in the body, it is necessary to stay sufficiently hydrated. Water helps to flush toxins from the body, boost cognitive function, and it is necessary for a healthy digestive system.


Our Detox Water Advice:

Don’t use condensed fruit juices, bottled juices, sugar, or sugar substitutes. These items will negate all the benefits you think you are going to get from drinking filtered water with fresh fruit, herbs, and spices. The ingredients in one detox water or pitcher will stay good for one day. After the day is over, get rid of the ingredients. Finally, use a glass pitcher, jar, cup, or vessel for your detox water. Certain compounds in fruit can cause BPA to leak into the water, which is why glass is best. Check out the recipes and infographic (below) to learn how to build your own detox waters.


Click here for detox water recipes that help to reduce belly fat.

Click here for detox water recipes that help clear up your skin.

Click here for the perfect summer detox water.








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Dherbs CEO Dishes Out Healthy Information On Dish Nation https://www.dherbs.com/articles/weight-loss/dherbs-ceo-dishes-out-healthy-information-on-dish-nation/ https://www.dherbs.com/articles/weight-loss/dherbs-ceo-dishes-out-healthy-information-on-dish-nation/#comments Thu, 23 Aug 2018 17:40:54 +0000 https://www.dherbs.com/?p=84588 Want to rid your body of built-up toxins and waste? A.D. Dolphin explained how to effectively cleanse the body on Dish Nation.


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The body is constantly exposed to a variety of impurities. From environmental toxins to the processed ingredients in the foods we eat, it can be difficult for the body to naturally cleanse itself and remain in a healthy state. This is why Dherbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin, recommends doing the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse two to four times a year to help your body function at its best.


While in Atlanta, A.D. went on Dish Nation to talk about the benefits of cleansing and how the Full Body Cleanse differs from other cleanses on the market. Get back on track and start your path to weight loss and health and wellness with the Full Body Cleanse. Watch the video below for more information.



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The Ketogenic Diet 101: A Beginner’s Guide To Keto https://www.dherbs.com/articles/the-ketogenic-diet-101-a-beginners-guide-to-keto/ https://www.dherbs.com/articles/the-ketogenic-diet-101-a-beginners-guide-to-keto/#comments Wed, 22 Aug 2018 11:40:54 +0000 https://www.dherbs.com/?p=84357 Have you been wondering about the ketogenic diet? Want to try it but don't know how? Check out how this diet can help you burn fat.


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The ketogenic diet has gone viral. It is all over social media, in magazines, and people with shredded physiques are saying they reached their dream bodies by sticking to this diet. Is this just another trend diet or does it actually work for people? Can you really lose fat by eating more fat? In case you are wondering what it means to be “keto” or if the benefits seem too good to be true, let us explain what this diet is all about.


What Is The Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and extremely low-carb diet that has become popular because people have been able to lose fat quickly. A traditional low-carb diet restricts carbs, but it doesn’t restrict protein. Keto, on the other hand, restricts both and replaces them with lots of healthy fats to help you feel full. When we mean low-carb on keto, we are talking about 30 carbs a day. This translates to roughly 2.5 cups blueberries, 1 apple, 2 medium grapefruit, 20oz kale, 30oz cucumbers, or 3 cups strawberries.


By restricting your carbohydrate intake, you force your body to enter into and remain in ketosis, a metabolic state that makes the body produce ketones for energy. Instead of burning glucose for energy, which is produced in the body upon consuming carbs and sugar, the body burns ketones, which are the result of breaking down fat for energy. When there is excess glucose in the body, it never gets around to burning it. The glucose is stored and gets converted to more fat by insulin, which can cause cravings and overeating. This can trigger heart disease, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and variety of other health conditions.


People consume more carbs than they could ever need for energy, which typically results in weight gain. The keto diet breaks that cycle and helps turn the body into a fat-burning machine, reversing the way we want to use energy. For beginners, the easiest rule to follow is:

  • Healthy fats comprise 70% of the diet
  • Moderate protein comprise 25% of the diet
  • Good carbs comprise 5% of the diet

On the keto diet, you count your net carbs, meaning that you subtract the fiber grams from the total carb grams to obtain the net number. You also want to focus on real foods that are not processed, fortified, or generated in a lab. Keto works better when you stick to real foods.


Keto Benefits:

Because you eat a lot of fats on the keto diet, you will feel full for a lot longer than you normally would. You will ultimately consume fewer calories, your focus will improve, your energy will increase, and you’ll feel like moving your body! A lot of people have noticed clearer skin, balanced blood work, and more restful sleep during the keto diet.


In the end, the ultimate goal is to reach ketosis, which only occurs if the fat ratio is at a level that allows this process to happen. Remember, fat is key, but it is important to eat healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseeds, chia seeds, avocados, macadamia nuts, walnuts, organic grass-fed beef, ghee, wild caught salmon, or legumes. Just make sure to keep the ratio of 1:1 when it comes to omega-3s and omega-6s.


There are other forms of the keto diet, depending on what your ultimate goals are. The standard one we detailed before is the most popular for the average person, who is looking to burn fat. Athletes may eat more carbs prior to working out to fuel the body for exercise. Be on the lookout for some ketogenic recipes on our website in the near future!








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