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Slim Stick
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Slim Stick

Helps smooth the belly region.

  • Helps smooth and soften belly tissue
  • Can enhance appearance

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Slim Stick

Slim Stick

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This unique blend of oils smooths and softens belly tissue, which can enhance your appearance. May help hide those signs of aging so you can feel better about yourself. Be more active with less stress. Can be used on all parts on the body.

Use sparingly.

Topical Cream .47 oz

Model: 4701 • Shipping Weight: 0.1125lbs


*Certified Organic

How To Use

Apply at nighttime before bed. Place a small amount in hands, rub together to smooth out and soften. Apply to upper and/or lower abdominal regions. Wear comfortable apparel to absorb any residuals and for added heat.

Drink water before bedtime. Wash off in the morning before dressing.

* May stain clothing.

  • Regina
    This product is awesome it works good. I used the product rubbed it on my belly and worked out. I lost weight. My only complaint is the size , it is small. I used the product while on the 10 day Full Body Cleanse Express . I lost over 10 lbs in ten days. Of course I am currently out. I will recommend using this item especially if you are eating raw and using the cleanse it really does work. I will buy more. *
  • Hailey
    A great add on product to have along with another cleansing system. I trust the products here to get me in shape and this is just another great one. The stick is easy to apply and use and makes you feel tingly and good. I think I will keep this in stock from now on so that I can always have handy even when I am not cleansing. *
  • Serenity
    This stuff really works. You have to stay consistent and believe it's working. I put it on at night and tight shirt, and let it work. *
  • Crystal
    The DHerbs Slim Stick really works. The smell of the Slim Stick is wonderful. You are able to see some of the natural ingredients and smell the Eucalyptus. When applying, it glides on your skin so smooth and silky. The next morning your skin feels like butter. When I applied my DHerbs Slim Stick I also wore a waist trainer which has a thermal layer which also helped. The only drawback is that the DHerbs Slime Stick is very small. I hope there will be an option to purchase a larger Slim Stick in the future. *
  • Thomasina
    I found the this product to effective when used with consistency. Every evening at bedtime I applied the product and I have lost inches on waistline and abdomen. Its messy but worth it! Thank you! *
  • Tamira
    I completed using the slim stick. It does have a strong smell, however, I did see a difference in my belly fat while using the product. I would recommend it. *
  • Donna
    I really didn't notice a Change when I used the slim stick. *
  • Vivian
    Highly recommend Slim Stick! Softens skin, reduces appearance of marks and helps with water retention. It does have a herbal scent, which does not bother me. Great packaging and does not dry out. Just wish they offered a larger size. That is my only negative feedback. Dherbs can you please create in a 2oz size of this product?? *
  • Ashaina
    i loved the Belly Fat Eliminator stick, it was very easy to apply. You don't to worry and staining your clothes you apply at night and let work it's magic. i felt and seen a difference by the end of the process. i have recommend the product to my family and friends. also it works even better when you use it with the colon & digestive tract. *
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Yes, the Slim Stick can be applied to any part of the body topically. It should only be used for external purposes, please avoid internal areas.

For best results we suggest using the Slim Stick on a daily basis.

We suggest trying the Foot Oil and the Nail Oil.

Nail Oil
Foot Oil

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