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Reviews: Slim Stick

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  • Slim Stick

    I've been using the Slim Stick for about 2 weeks now and my outcome was great. I can see a reduction in the size of my stomach and I am very pleased with the results. *
  • Slim Stick

    I thought it worked well. When you put it on it had a tingling sensation as soon as it hits your stomach. One of the best products I've tried so far. *
  • Slim Stick

    I have been using it with the weight release cleanse. They seem to compliment each other well. *
  • Slim Stick

    This product works really fast. I noticed a big difference in less than 2 weeks. Fast delivery. I am watching the inches melt away quickly. I recommend this product to anyone. Dherbs creates fabulous products for anyone who wants to lose weight. I apply it every night before going to sleep consistently. *
  • Slim Stick

    Love love love!I will order more alone with other product. *
  • Slim Stick

    This product reduces abdominal size. I have noticed a significant difference. It also smells great. The product is of great quality. Thank you. *
  • Slim Stick

    I have really enjoyed using the slim stick. The combination of the ingredients makes the the product smell really soothing and the texture is also smooth, so it's very easy to smooth it over the abdomen area, I am also happy with my upper abdomen area. It's a good size so it actually last for ages. I will definitely order it again along with a 20 day cleanse. *
  • Slim Stick

    This product is great. I saw results within 2 weeks of using it and I was amazed. It smells good and I will continue to use it for optimal results. *
  • Slim Stick

    I found it very effective as a complement to the full body cleanse. *
26 results

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Slim Stick 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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