Bowel Motion
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Bowel Motion

An herbal supplement helps maintain normal bowel movements and relieve bloating.*

  • Stimulates peristalsis*
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  • Helps maintain normal bowel movements and relieve bloating*
  • Helps the body feel lighter by alleviating bloating*

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Frequently Bought Together
Bowel Motion+Intestinal Cleanser Mix
Bowel Motion $20.95
Price for both: $60.90

A powerful all-natural formulation of botanicals traditionally used by ancient indigenous cultures for their digestive properties.*

These herbs help to stimulate peristalsis, which helps to keep the bowels regular.* (100 vegetarian capsules per bottle.)

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How To Use

Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adults: Take 3 capsules daily.

  • Shalonda
    Works GREAT! Such a lifesaver and the fact that it's all natural is very impressive. I will not go without. *
  • Nichole
    Bowel Motion works well for me. I take two at night before bed and in the morning it is show time, most importantly, it does not upset my stomach. *
  • Regina
    I like this product. It makes me feel less bloated and it does not cause any cramping for me. *
  • Ann
    I love using the bowel movement capsules, it really helps to keep me regular without any cramping or bloating. *
  • Lugenia
    Excellent results! Take right before bed for a morning release and helps keep the weight off!!! *
  • Carolyn
    I love Bowl Motion. This is the one product from dherbs that I feel I always must have in stock. It gets the job done. I feel good knowing that I have this for continued health maintenance. After doing a cleanse, this is great for daily maintenance! I am getting ready to order another bottle. Make sure to drink plenty of water and you will maximize your results even more. This is a must, you will be pleased! *
  • Albert
    This is one of the good ones. When my wife and I travel she always have me bring this along because sometimes she may have eaten something that may not agree with her or she just needs some assistance. We both know that this is the most gentler way for a smooth transition. Beautiful. *
  • Melody
    Helps me have much more normal bowel function. Definitely helps with bloating. I like the price and it's comfortable to use. Thanks! *
  • Amber
    I feel like this works. If I don't take this, I do not have a bowl movement what so ever. This helps. But I feel like it's something I have to continue to take in order to be regular. They don't give you cramps or make you feel bloated, like most over the counter meds. Overall I think they work good. The shipping is very inconvenient but sometime it does take forever to get your shipment. I recommend that when you are halfway done with the bottle, to go ahead and reorder. It always says it will be here on a certain day but it never arrives on that day. *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
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We recommend in the evening so it may help in stimulating peristalsis in the morning.
We would only recommend you taking one of these formulas at a time as the botanicals in both formulas can stimulate peristalsis.

The Bowel Motion helps stimulate peristalsis and helps the body feel lighter by alleviating bloating. The Intestinal Cleanser Formula contains a combination of plants, naturally high in fiber, that has been formulated to help maintain intestinal health allowing the walls of the colon to better absorb nutrients.

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