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Bowel Motion

An herbal supplement helps maintain normal bowel movements and relieve bloating.*

  • Stimulates peristalsis*
  • Muffin Top Killer 
  • Helps maintain normal bowel movements and relieve bloating*
  • Helps the body feel lighter by alleviating bloating*

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Bowel Motion+Soothing Tea
Bowel Motion $19.95
Price for both: $29.90

A powerful all-natural formulation of botanicals traditionally used by ancient indigenous cultures for their digestive properties.*

These herbs help to stimulate peristalsis, which helps to keep the bowels regular.* (100 vegetarian capsules per bottle.)

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Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adults: Take 3 capsules daily.

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  • This herbal supplement ABSOLUTELY works! I am not a normal bowel movement person as I go only once or twice a week. This supplement had me going daily! *
  • I Love the bowel motion pills. They always work Within 8 to 10+hours and are not harsh on your body. I recommend taking 3 to 5 pills at a time depending on your body size and needs. *
  • It worked thoroughly. I felt lighter. I wish it could’ve continued to work after taking it. *
  • This product works as it says. Doesn't cramp your stomach, and I went everyday like clockwork. Very good product. *
  • The product is good, but I think I saw better results when I took as part of an overall package as opposed to just by itself. Taking by itself did not produce release every day, but taking as an overall package it pretty much did. I believe it was the weight release one if I’m not mistaken. Great products, and I will continue to recommend to friends and family, just like someone recommended to me J. I hope my feedback was helpful! Thank You! *
  • I recommend this product. It works great with no cramping. *
  • This product has been effective in assisting me with regular bowel movements; however, it appears the efficacy has minimized over time, as I have been taking the product for over a year on a consistent basis. *
  • I love the Bowel Motion pills. They help me to stay regular and I feel so much lighter after using them. It really helps to remove the waste from my bowels and I'm very thankful! I recommend it to all my friends and family and I carry it around with me wherever I go, especially when I travel. These are a must have! *
  • Any time I take this herb, I can expect 1-2 very healthy bowel movements and I never want to be out of this product. Especially after a very seldom fat laden meal, it puts me right back on track. It doesn't cramp me at all. If there were more frequent discounts I would have a full bottle on hand at all times. Thanks DHERBS *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 202 reviews)
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Unfortunately we can not advise you on products from another company. Please contact them directly.
We recommend in the evening so it may help in stimulating peristalsis in the morning.
We would only recommend you taking one of these formulas at a time as the botanicals in both formulas can stimulate peristalsis.
The Bowel Motion helps stimulate peristalsis and helps the body feel lighter by alleviating bloating. The Intestinal Cleanser Formula contains a combination of plants, naturally high in fiber, that has been formulated to help maintain intestinal health allowing the walls of the colon to better absorb nutrients.
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