Bowel Motion
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Bowel Motion

An herbal supplement helps maintain normal bowel movements and relieve bloating.*

  • Stimulates peristalsis*
  • Muffin Top Killer
  • Helps maintain normal bowel movements and relieve bloating*
  • Helps the body feel lighter by alleviating bloating*

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Bowel Motion

Bowel Motion

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A powerful all-natural formulation of botanicals traditionally used by ancient indigenous cultures for their digestive properties.*

These herbs help to stimulate peristalsis, which helps to keep the bowels regular.* (100 vegetarian capsules per bottle.)

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How To Use

Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adults: Take 3 capsules daily.

  • Shereeta
    This product is awesome and it really works! It relieves bloating and I've also noticed decreased fatigue. I've never used a natural product that works so fast. Buy it! You will not be disappointed. I'm on my third bottle and will continue to buy it. GREAT PRODUCT! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! *
  • Judy
    I take Bowel Motion EVERY day! It's the only thing that keeps me "going". At night I take it with the Intestinal Cleanser so that they can work together overnight. I have had problems with going daily for YEARS, I originally saw DHerbs on the Steve Harvey Show (years ago) and decided to try the Full Body Cleanse, it was AMAZING as well. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone needing some help. *
  • Chuck
    Does exactly as advertised. I take it for a couple days whenever i feel bloated or if I've had too much "not so good" food. I recommend this. *
  • Tanya
    This has been my go to. I have great results with this product than any other I have used in the past. *
  • Kenyatta
    It’s the Best!! Keeps me from getting bloated, seems like it speeds up my digestion process. I stay light on my feet. Has reordered it many times. *
  • Carolyn
    I was very pleased with my results using bowel motion. It did everything I expected and the action was fast and complete. *
  • Phyllis
    It does everything you say it does. I'm very pleased to use this product. There's no cramping or bloating. It's the best. *
  • Sam
    This product works very well for me, it does what it say it does. *
  • Chana
    Bowel Motion was awesome! I had a least 3-4 movements throughout the day and it was not a forced or rushed type of movement. Everything was easy. Thank you very much for this relief. *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
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We recommend in the evening so it may help in stimulating peristalsis in the morning.
We would only recommend you taking one of these formulas at a time as the botanicals in both formulas can stimulate peristalsis.

The Bowel Motion helps stimulate peristalsis and helps the body feel lighter by alleviating bloating. The Intestinal Cleanser Formula contains a combination of plants, naturally high in fiber, that has been formulated to help maintain intestinal health allowing the walls of the colon to better absorb nutrients.

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