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  • Intestinal Cleanser

    I thoroughly enjoy adding this wonderful product (Intestinal Janitor) to my morning beverage. For many years, I didn't have a perturbing tummy pouch, and then when it appeared, it seemed like whatever I did or whatever I took it would not go away. Well, IT'S GONE NOW!!! Now, I have the same svelte body and tummy that I had when I was in high school. All thanks to DHerbs! *
  • Intestinal Cleanser

    The Intestinal Janitor is a great product. It was an excellent addition to my monthly cleanse regime. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Intestinal Cleanser

    The intestinal janitor formula is a must have in my medicine cabinet, great for keeping you regular. *
  • Intestinal Cleanser

    Intestinal Cleanser is a Great product it does exactly what it says with no gripping, it's a must have in my herbal collection in addition to the rest of my fantastic Dherbs collection! I pray that you continue to make these fantastic products. Thanks again *
  • Intestinal Cleanser

    It did exactly what it was suppose to do. I love your products and, of course, I have used several of them and will continue to. Thanks for making such great products!!!! *
  • Intestinal Cleanser

    The intestinal janitor is a good product!! Goes well with the Bowel mover formula... Will be ordering again. *
  • Intestinal Cleanser

    It was good and cleansed as it should. Although, I didn't realized it was until I ate something other than fruits and vegetables. *
7 results

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