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  • Fluid Formula

    I use the Fluid Formula daily and have also experienced a much more comfortable PMS cycle. This is a wonderful product for keeping unnecessary water weight at bay. *
  • Fluid Formula

    I absolutely love this product! It has been remarkable. It definitely assists in eliminating water from my body. Now, I am ordering cardiovascular and the pancreas formula as well. To good health! *
  • Fluid Formula

    This particular herb formula has helped when I've gone a little overboard on salty/processed foods and I'm feeling bloated. *
  • Fluid Formula

    It really reduced the fluid , my blood pressure was high for two weeks, and I don't have blood pressure problems. My sister suggest that it might be water retention. After taking this herb it's naturally stable. I love it. *
  • Fluid Formula

    I love this natural product to keep retention off my legs. I noticed I have not had any swelling since I started using this product. *
  • Fluid Formula

    This product works well. It greatly aids in fluid waste release. *
  • Fluid Formula

    I just recently began fluid formula in November 2009. I decided to give fluid formula a chance by itself. IT WORKED! and without the side effects that the high blood pressure gives...low potassium. *
7 results

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Fluid Formula 5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.
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