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Aromatherapy Inhalers

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Abundance & Prosperity Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that works to increase one’s focus on a goal and help bring wealth and prosperity into your life.*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87777Qty:   $14.95
Allergy Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler used to maintain healthy respiratory passageways.*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87081Qty:   $13.95
Anti-Depression Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that helps to effectuate joy and happiness.*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87915Qty:   $12.95
Anti-Stress Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that helps eradicate stress and work against sicknesses caused by stress.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87418Qty:   $17.95
Calming Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that helps in relieving stress, anxiety and dizziness through relaxation and aromatherapy.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87018Qty:   $14.95
Dreaming Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler with a beautiful aroma that promotes vivid dream states and relaxation of the mind.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87415Qty:   $12.95
Feel Good Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that works in releasing serotonin to induce positive thoughts and feelings and control mood swings.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87620Qty:   $12.95
Female Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler helpful for all women in helping to lessen period pains, remedy hot flashes, and increase sexual libido.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87005Qty:   $14.95
Focus & Concentration Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that helps to stimulate the brain and increase concentration, energy and memory skills.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87088Qty:   $12.95
Male Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that promotes an increase in male libido and maintain testicular health and overall wellbeing.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87105Qty:   $14.95
Passion Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that promotes sexual feeling to help awaken passion and attraction.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87999Qty:   $19.95
Respiratory Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler high in menthol to help rejuvenate the respiratory system and relieve hardened mucus, sinus congestion and cough.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87034Qty:   $12.95
Self-Confidence Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that helps to alleviate feelings of insecurity and enhance self-confidence.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87954Qty:   $9.95
Smoke-Less Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that helps to relieve cravings for smoking and reduces the feeling of withdrawal.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87302Qty:   $12.95
Spiritual Bliss Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that helps to stimulate and induce the feeling of spiritual bliss, peace and wellbeing.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87815Qty:   $14.95
Weight Release Inhaler
Aromatherapy inhaler that supports a decrease in appetite and aids in weight release.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 87401Qty:   $14.95
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