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  • Prosperity & Abundance Inhaler

    I thought that this product was a joke but I'm in the process in ordering two more inhalers for family members so they can have the new found luck that I'm experiencing. *
  • Prosperity & Abundance Inhaler

    I love this inhalant, along with my meditation it opens up positive thoughts of gaining finances. It’s very calming. Sareena J. *
  • Prosperity & Abundance Inhaler

    Very pleasant to use (Prosperity-Abundance Inspirant), really does bring about a feeling of abundance inside of you, will continue to use daily along with my meditations. You can tell instantly when you smell it that pure essential oils have been used to make this product. *
  • Prosperity & Abundance Inhaler

    Greetings: I love the aroma of this product, I have not experience any prosperity yet but I do believe I will! *
4 results

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Prosperity & Abundance Inhaler 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.
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