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If you performed the Full Body Cleanse specifically or any other Dherbs kit and regimen due to a specific condition(s), below is listed various conditions and the specific formulas recommended for the condition(s) which may be taken daily, constituting your post-kit and regimen herbal regimen.

Purchase all of the formulas listed under the specific condition or purchase the 3-5 formulas or products that resonate with you or that you feel will be good for you. Take 3 capsules of EACH formula daily (with a glass water) or apply externally daily (if the product is for external ue).

It doesn't matter in what order you take the formulas as long as you take them. Ideally, it is best to take each formula 3 hours a part throughout the whole day. For example: you would take your first formula at 7 a.m., your second formula at 10 a.m., your third formula at 1 p.m. But remember, it doesn't matter what order you take them, just take them.

If you forget to take a formula, don't worry! Just take the formula whenever you get the chance to take it!

Your dosage does not have to be 3 capsules either. You can take as many capsules as you like, seeing how you feel taking the number or quantity of capsules you are taking. You can determine what is enough or what is too much and make the adjustment accordingly. You are your own doctor!

You should stay on the specific regimen for at least 6 months or until you feel and notice the result(s) your desire.

All products below are available from on-line store. The following compounds and formulas are not meant to DIAGNOSE, TREAT, PALLIATE, MITIGATE, PREVENT or CURE any disease. They are used solely for purposes of restoring the human body to a glorious state of optimal health and well-being.

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