Reviews: Self-Confidence Inhaler - Essential Oil Herbal Inhaler (Improve Self Confidence Naturally, Self Esteem Improvement Booster, Aromatherapy Inhaler, Herbal Meditation Aid, Aromatherapy Meditation, Dherbs, Essential Oils) (page 1)

Reviews: Self-Confidence Inhaler

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  • Self-Confidence Inhaler

    This inhaler has been a great addition to my self help regimen. Before my morning affirmations and journaling I inhale it and it helps me focus on writing. Whenever I start doubting myself I inhale it and it helps me remember my path. I recommend this to anyone you wants to better themselves. *
  • Self-Confidence Inhaler

    Love the scent of this inhaler. Lasts longer than expected. Keeps me on track during the day. *
  • Self-Confidence Inhaler

    I used it for a week straight 2 times a day or whenever I thought I needed it. I don't know if it was just the placebo effect and I thought it was working for the first 2 days. But after that I would still feel myself get anxious in spot. Now I use it here and there and I don't feel any different. *
3 results

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