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Reviews: Energy Formula

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19 results
  • Energy Formula

    It was great and I did have energy. I need to order another bottle. Thanks for the wonderful products *
  • Energy Formula

    I would like say that this product works. After a few days of taking this product my energy increased and I also noticed that my weight started decreasing as well. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Energy Formula

    I tried the energy formula because I was suffering from insomnia which gave me no energy. It gave me so much energy and I can tell the difference when I don't have it. The product does exactly what it says and gives me the energy to exercise and make it through my day without causing any jitters or crashes. I will continue to purchase this product. *
  • Energy Formula

    The energy that came from the formula was balanced and easy on my system. I had been working 14 hours a day and needed the extra alertness for the drive home. The formulation gave me the energy needed half way through my long days and on the way home. Overall, a good product: Thanks *
  • Energy Formula

    I took the formula as instructed and I did feel more energy. I need to order more. *
  • Energy Formula

    I love the Energy Formula. I could not complete a workout without being tired. Once I started taking the Energy Formula, I am able to go over and above my workout at the gym. Thanks for this product. I have recommended it to my friends. *
  • Energy Formula

    This product is very good, before l started using it l was tired after 12 hour shifts. Now that l am taking it l feel energetic after working any hours. Thank you for this product. I had already recommended it to my family. *
  • Energy Formula

    Very good vitamin to energize you.Its good to take before a workout or just for daily use. *
  • Energy Formula

    Ive been using the energy formula for almost a month now. And its a great formula to give you the energy needed on a daily basis. I use it for working out and it helps me to keep up... Love it!! *
19 results

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Energy Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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