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Black Seed
Helps to maintain healthy respiratory and digestive system function* Aids kidneys and liver in eliminating natural toxins and waste* Helps boost the immune system* Helps make your body an inhospitable environment for unwelcome parasites and worms*  Assists in maintaining healthy circulation throughout the body* Beneficial for the reproductive system, especially...
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 1148Email me when this item becomes available!$19.95
Chest Salve
Promotes clearer breathing and breathing conditions* Supports clear and comfortable breathing* Helps to maintain clean and healthy respiratory pasages*  
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2229Qty:   $9.50
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Argan Oil (Organic Unscented) (2oz)
Maintains healthy hair, skin, and nails* Helps to nourish and moisturize* Supports healthy circulation* Increases elasticity of the skin* Helps maintain youthful looking skin*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2964Qty:   $19.95
Jackrabbit Stick
• Helps improve sperm count by cleansing aluminum and other metals from male reproductive organs via osmosis. • Soothes groin itching or dryness. • Helps to prevent nitric oxide levels from leeching out of the body.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 4714Qty:   $29.95
Argan Oil With Lavender (Organic) (2oz)
Maintains healthy hair, skin, and nails* Helps to nourish and moisturize* Supports healthy circulation* Increases elasticity of the skin* Helps maintain youthful looking skin* Contains Lavender, hick is believed to be the best essential oil for hair and nail*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2963Qty:   $19.95
Metabolism Booster
 Helps maintain healthy digestive system function*  Helps convert food into energy and supports normal circulation*  Supports overall full body wellness*  Nourishes thyroid and liver*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 1127Qty:   $20.95
Vegan Greens Powder Mix
High in Vitamin A* Energy Boosting* Helps your body cleanse itself of toxins*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 51104Qty:   $35.55
Vegan Berry Powder Mix
Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for overall health* Boosts the immune system* Provides essential nutrients to tissues and organs*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 51103Qty:   $35.85
Lip Butter - Lavender
A pure lip balm that can improve the health of your lips. Soften the appearance of your lips Renew the texture of your lips
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 4711Qty:   $3.95
Lip Butter - Peppermint + Juniper
Provides gentle moisture to the lips Re-establishes the softness of the lips
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 4710Qty:   $3.95
Lip Butter - Tropical Passion
A corrective remedy for those who suffer from extremely dry or cracked lips. Restores the integrity of your lips Heals adverse conditions of the lips
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 4709Qty:   $3.95
Detox Shampoo - Clary Sage
Cleanses the hair and scalp without chemical additives Utilizes aromatherapy as restorative treatment Nourishes the hair without harsh detergents
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 4707Qty:   $12.50
Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint)
A great accessory for gym or travel 100% all-natural essential oils Juniper & Peppermint calms the skin and eliminate dandruff Soothe and hydrate the skin with moisturizing Shea Butter Vitamin E and anti-bacterial properties Tones the skin and alleviate dryness Castor Oil can nourish your hair and aid in hair growth
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 4705Qty:   $6.95
Shampoo + Body Bar (Rosemary)
A great accessory for gym or travel 100% all-natural essential oils Soothe and hydrate the skin with moisturizing Shea Butter Vitamin E and anti-bacterial properties Rosemary's antiseptic compounds tone the skin and alleviate dryness Castor Oil can nourish your hair and aid in hair growth
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 4704Qty:   $6.95
P.M. Detox Deodorant
Dilates sweat ducts to enhance flow of waste fluids Alkalizes underarm pH Removes all types of aluminums Encourages a reduction in daytime odors Effective for both men and women
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 4703Qty:   $22.50
Detox Stick
Helps remove Aluminum from the body Helps to decalcify your body Protection against toxic build-up Natural detoxification Helps reverse the damaging effects of stress Effective and efficient metabolism Helps Reduce the pressure on organs Improves digestion Helps eliminate harmful substances Enhances lymphatic drainage
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 4702Qty:   $25.95
Belly Fat Eliminator Stick
• Helps the body to metabolize stored fat • Affect the visceral fat in the abdomen • Helps detox metals from the body • Encourages the body to flush the lymph channels and eliminate the fat • Helps the serotonin/endorphin (receptors) in the brain to trigger the release of the fat
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 4701Qty:   $25.95
Pill Box
Handy case for your pills and supplements, adorned with our Dherbs.com company logo. • 6 slots, to hold multiple doses per day. • Can hold 5 capsules per slot.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 7752Qty:   $3.50
Facial Exfoliating Mask
Improves the appearance of skin tone and texture leaving skin soft and radiant.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2223Qty:   $9.50
Facial Clay Mask
Removes toxins directly through the skin, thereby clears the skin of excess oil, impurities, pollutants and other undesired residues.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2222Qty:   $9.50
Facial Seaweed Mask
This nutrient rich Seaweed Mask moisturize, revitalize, restore and balance your skin while leaving your complexion fresh and pure.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2224Qty:   $9.50

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Detoxify, purify, rejuvenate, and strengthen the body's liver, blood, and colon* Works to release necessary weight (5-15lbs)* Helps improve skin complexion* Works to increase energy levels* Promotes a more positive outlook on life* Supports normalized and regulated body functions* Assists in a clearer sense of feeling and thinking* Works to eradicate sugar and junk food cravings* Helps to...
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 011093Qty:   $79.95
Home Blessing Candle
Affirmation candle that helps to turn a residence into a home The scent fills your space with feelings of comfort, safety and peace The scent and affirmation conjures a loving feeling.
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 7712Qty:   $13.00
Gray less Hair Rinse
• Helps to supply hair with necessary nutrition • Encourages Melanin production • Naturally restores hair color • Stimulates hair growth
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 5464Qty:   $7.95
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Go Vegan The Healthy Way (EBook)
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 6604Max: 1$5.95
Maintenance Package
Package to help maintain your body and results in between cleanses* Works to ensure you don’t return to your pre-cleansing shape* Helps your body to continue losing weight*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 39701Qty:   $54.95
Testosterone Booster
Naturally high in organic male-specific hormonal precursors* Helps to maintain optimal hormonal levels, including testosterone*  Helps support maintenance of and/or increase muscle mass, boosts feelings of energy and stamina, and overall male performance*  
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 1178Qty:   $27.95
Detox Formula
Helpful as a maintenance supplement following the Full Body Cleanse.* Helps to cleanse your blood while allowing it to retain vital nutrients* Helps to cleanse toxins and waste from all your body’s organs and systems* Helps to balance and optimize your body’s pH levels*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 1170Qty:   $19.95
The Power of Cleansing (EBook)
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 6607Max: 1It's Free!
Pinhole Glasses
These pinhole glasses are spectacles that have opaque black lenses with a series of small round perforations in a grid pattern. • Combines with eye exercises to regenerate eye muscle tissue • Traditionally intended to help rest the eyes and address symptoms of eye fatigue, strain, and discomfort
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 7704Qty:   $12.95
Eye Kit
Helps to strengthen, nourish and repair the eyes* Helps to maintain healthy eyesight and vision* Works to strengthen the ciliary muscles* Necessary weight loss (5-25 lbs.)* Promotes clearer, more vibrant eyes* Contains antioxidants to protect the body from free radicals and promotes cellular health* Includes pinhole glasses to help exercise and train the eyes*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2207Qty:   $135.00
Anti-Aging Formula
Contains antioxidants, which helps to protect your body from the negative effects of toxins and free radicals.* Helps to regenerate damaged cells.* Helps to contribute to optimal overall health.* Helps to improve skin tone and complexion.*  
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 1177Qty:   $19.95
Vitamin E Oil
Combines all-natural oil with the highest Vitamin E content Helpful in protecting skin cells from ultra-violet light, pollution, drugs, and other elements that produce cell damaging free radicals Works to moisturize dry and sensitive skin
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2998Qty:   $16.95
Anti-Stress Bath Drops
Help to eradicate stress and the effects of stress Works to induce a state of euphoric sensation Aids in relieving anxiety and stress related health problems
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 6318Qty:   $24.95
Allergy Bath Drops
Works to stimulate antihistamine production in the body Helps to relieve congestion associated with sinuses and allergies Supports the opening up and rejuvenating of respiratory passageways
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 6381Qty:   $17.95
Menstrual Cramp Oil
All-natural oil consisting of essential oils to relieve abdominal muscle spasms Helps to alleviate and eradicate cramping Works to relieve monthly discomfort and pain
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2946Qty:   $29.95
Ginseng Combo
Helps maintain healthy brain function* Helps to strengthen immune system* Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 1118Qty:   $34.95 $31.46Save: 10% off
Facial Astringent Spray
Facial spray that helps to gently remove oily residue from the skin Helps to restore natural pH levels and tighten pores Contains antibacterial properties to aid in various skin conditions
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2201Qty:   $14.95
Omega 3 Formula
Contributes to more robust overall bodily health, development, and functionality* Helps to calm and uplift mood* Helps maintain normal hormonal, pH, and energy levels* Helps to maintain healthy brain, heart, blood, colon, and joints*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 1165Qty:   $20.95
Soap Yoni
Contains healing females friendly essential oils and herbs Helps to rejuvenate, cleanse and balance the female labia Works to help with all female complaints
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 6819Qty:   $14.95
Success Affirmation Candle
Affirmation candle that works to bring vitality and luck to make way for victory in life Helps to build confidence, courage and balance intentions Works to fight against external, inner struggles, bad habits or financial/personal issues  
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 7710Qty:   $13.00
Soul Mate Affirmation Candle
Affirmation candle that helps to attract two souls to one another Helps to deepen the sacred connection between soul mates Works to bring out the best in each individual
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 7709Qty:   $13.00
Healing Affirmation Candle
Affirmation candle that helps to heal on all levels of self Supports one spiritually and emotionally Helps one to cope with the physical and mental changes   
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 7705Qty:   $13.00
Love Affirmation Candle
Affirmation candle designed to attract love into one’s life Helps to align energies to receive and accept all the love needed and desired Works to tap into the unending source of love
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 7706Qty:   $13.00
Prosperity Affirmation Candle
Affirmation candle that helps to release limiting thoughts that block prosperity Helps to open one’s mind and heart to prosperity in an abundance Works in supporting a constant flow of money
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 7708Qty:   $13.00
Gray-less Hair
Helps to augment natural melanin production* Nourishes thyroid gland* May reduce graying of the hair*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 1164Qty:   $19.95
The Shield - Protection Against EMF
The Shield is a small stick-on attachment you can place on your cell phone, tablet, computer, TV, microwave, or any other device in your environment that emits EMFs. While no device can block 100 percent of EMF radiation, this device is intended to help filter EMFs in an effort to reduce their negative effects on the human body.   • Addresses concerns about environmental radiation...
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 51007Qty:   $29.95
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$50 Gift Certificate
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Rating: Read reviewsModel: GIFT-0050Select options$50.00
Soap Calming
Handmade calming soap that helps induce a feeling of relaxation Promotes a sense of calmness and serenity Ideal to use before bedtime or after a stressful day
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 6818Qty:   $9.95
Stretch Mark Oil
All-natural oil that helps to smooth stretch marks and scars tissue* Helps to nourish, rejuvenate, and maintain healthy skin* Works to fade existing scars*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2945Qty:   $17.95
Soap Prosperity
Handmade soap with essential oils to induce a feeling of prosperity Works to attract abundance and wealth Helps to moisturize and nourish the skin 
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 6801Qty:   $9.95
Substance Abuse Tea
All-natural plant-based tea with specific herbs that help cleanse the body* Works to detoxify the body of harmful toxic chemical residues* Helps to nurture and rejuvenate damaged organs* Supports the victims dealing with harmful addictions*    
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 54000Qty:   $9.95
Alkaline Formula
Helps to alkalinize your system* Helps your body maintain a healthy pH levels* Helps to boost your natural defense mechanisms*  
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 1160Qty:   $19.95
Kava Kava Tea
Helps to relax the body while clearing the mind* Works to create a state of natural well being* Supports the feeling of tranquility*
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 5422Qty:   $10.95
Soap Container
Helps to keep soaps protected Convenient and easy for traveling Great for specialty soaps
Rating: Read reviewsModel: 2929Qty:   $3.95
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