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10 Day Cleanse that focuses on cleansing toxins and waste from your colon while assisting with colon and intestinal conditions*
  • 10 Day Cleanse that rejuvenate, nourish and cleanse digestive system*
  • Assists in necessary weight release (5-25 lbs.)*
  • Supports energy production*
  • Promotes regular and normal bowel movements*
  • Helps to enhance peristalsis*
  • Maintain healthy pH balance in the body*
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How to use






The Dherbs.com 10-Day Colon Cleanse can help filter toxins and waste from your colon (also known as your large intestine). Keeping a cleansed, unimpacted colon can help to make the digestive system more efficient, maintain regularity, and help maintain healthy bowel movement. Regularly cleansing your colon can encourage the effectiveness of your body’s waste-elimination process, which can help jump-start sensible, necessary minor weight loss.*


What Is Constipation?

When you have a normal bowel movement, you should feel an immediate emptiness in your stomach/lower abdomen area. Constipation is generally indicated by hard stools, difficulty passing stools (straining), and/or a sense of incomplete emptying after a bowel movement. Other indicators of constipation can be infrequent bowel movements, bowel movements that become increasingly difficult to pass, or a slight protrusion and rounding of the abdominal area (which is sometimes referred to as a potbelly).


Each day, the average person will have one bowel movement for every meal consumed. So three meals, three bowel movements. It’s considered within a normal range, however, to have from three bowel movements per day to three per week. Generally speaking, if you have at least one bowel movement per day, that’s a good indicator that your body is probably functioning as it should. If you go without a bowel movement for more than three days, this may be an indication that there’s an issue you need to address. This is because after three days, stool becomes harder and more difficult to pass. As more time passes, more stool continues to fill up your colon without being expelled properly. When your digestive system isn’t functioning properly, there’s a good chance you don’t have enough fiber and enzymes in your system to help your body effectively rid itself of the waste that’s building up inside it.


Many health issues originate within the colon. When there are toxins in the colon, they can be absorbed through the colon wall, and can then enter the bloodstream. Once the toxins enter the bloodstream, they can then cause the lymphatic system to become toxic and can subsequently travel throughout the body. Toxins circulating through the bloodstream can affect everything in their path, putting the immune system at risk. This is why it’s extremely important to maintain a clean colon.


The colon is the last component of the digestive system, which means the colon is where waste and toxins are assembled before elimination. In regard to digestion, both cooked and raw meats can be difficult for the colon to process. Dairy, refined grains, and complex starches can also be tough for the colon to digest. It can take the human body up to four days even to partially digest meat; however, it only takes your body around four hours to digest fruits and vegetables. When you eat a natural diet of fruits and vegetables, it’s easier for your body to thrive. That’s why many people believe that the human body was designed to flourish on a diet of fruits and vegetables.


Constipation can often be reversed and/or eliminated by changing or modifying your daily diet. One way to do this is to start reducing, or better yet eliminating your intake of meat, dairy products, and cooked starches. To improve your overall general health and colon health, it’s a good idea to consume more raw fruits and vegetables, and to drink plenty of water. Exercising daily, performing at-home enemas, and having professional colonics can also be helpful. It’s important, though, not to overdo it with colonics and enemas, because your body needs to maintain its normal level of flora (friendly bacteria), which can be reduced by too many enemas and colonics. Instead of relying solely on series of quick flushes, try to focus on all-around healthy living.


The  Colon Cleanse is recommended for use at least twice per year. Because all of the products at Dherbs are 100 percent natural, this Colon Cleanse can actually be taken up to 8 times in a calendar year without upsetting the body’s normal flora.*


The Benefits To Be Expected


•    Maintaining healthy digestive system*
•    Release of excess waste and weight*
•    Regular and normal bowel movements*
•    Enhanced peristalsis*
•    Increased energy*
•    Stronger immune system*
•    Maintains normal pH balance*



What Does The 10 Day Colon Cleanse Consist Of?


(1) Bentonite Clay - A liquid version of bentonite clay produces an “electrical charge” when hydrated that has the ability to absorb and thus remove toxins. It also helps to make intestinal tract inhospitable for parasites and worms.* (5 oz)


(2) Intestinal Cleanser Mix - Intestinal Cleanser Mix contains plants that are naturally high in fiber and are formulated to help maintain intestinal health. The beneficial herbs and high fiber content help to cleanse the colon, allowing the walls of the colon to better absorb nutrients.* (90 grams)

(3) Colon & Digestive Tract Formula - All natural combination of plants traditionally used to nourish and strengthen the colon and intestinal tract. The formula aids in digestion, assists in the relief of gas and helps to cleanse the colon of impurities thus conditioning the entire gastro-intestinal system. The plants in this formula mildly stimulate peristalsis, lubricate the colon and aid in the formation of healthy stools.* Vegetarian capsules (50 capsules).

(4) Intestinal Cleanser - Contains a combination of plants that are naturally high in fiber. This mixture helps to promote and maintain intestinal health by sweeping the walls of the colon, which aids in restoring proper function of intestinal villi, and supporting your colon’s ability to absorb nutrients in the colon.* Vegetarian capsules (50 capsules).

(5) Colon Repair - Hemorrhoid Formula is all-natural combination of plants intended to help soothe, nourish and rejuvenate the colon tissue. The formula is also intended to help maintain healthy function of blood vessels and nerves in the colon.* Vegetarian capsules (50 capsules).

(6) Bowel Motion - A powerful all-natural formula that contains plants and herbs used by ancient indigenous cultures for their laxative properties. These herbs help to stimulate peristalsis, which helps to keep the bowels regular. Regular bowel movements are a must for a clean, healthy body.* Vegetarian capsules (50 capsules).

Activated Charcoal (Carbon) - An odorless, flavorless substance extracted from burnt plant matter, activated charcoal is extremely porous. This makes it highly effective in helping to absorb many times its own weight in harmful toxins and waste and help remove them from your system.*


Soothing Tea - As an accompaniment to performing the Colon Cleanse, it’s helpful to drink one cup of this tea each day. Our Soothing Tea helps to calm the stomach and colon and helps maintain normal pH level of the colon and stomach. Drink a cup of Soothing Tea a day.*


Complete with instructions and a dietary regimen.

What is the difference between the 10 Day Colon Cleanse and the Full Body Cleanse? 

The Colon Cleanse specifically targets the colon and intestinal tract. It supports healthy function of colon and digestive tract whereas the Full Body Cleanse is geared towards the entire body with a major emphasis on all major filtering organs (i.e. colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, uterus, etc.) and other bodily systems, i.e. blood and lymphatic.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your or your child's condition.

(1) Bentonite Clay Formula - BENTONITE CLAY, PURIFIED WATER. (4 oz)












Activated Charcoal - Carbon





Take formulas and tea daily along with a modified diet that is provided in the instructional booklet with a full glass of water.

by Adora
The directions for the 10 Day Colon Cleanse were easy to follow. I was never hungry, and was able to stay on the eating plan with no problem. The results were fantastic! I lost six pounds, and felt great. This product worked as it said, but I discovered it best to take the Bowel Motion as early in the evening as possible. *
by Maree
I purchase this product for my brother who has special needs and has been on medication since he was three years old. His medication like so many others have side effects and the main one is constipation. His physical is always fine but trying to find a product to work with constipation was hard. This product was very easy to follow directions and his bowel movements was on a regular day to day. The bowel movements were soft and loose. My brother bowel movements have always been hard and dry with pressure to eliminate. This was a very good product to use if you cannot do the 21 Day Body Cleanse due to your time schedule. I kept him out of is day training program to use this product and he was so happy that he did not complain about his stomach hurting or feeling sick. I still do the dietary and the special colon boosting drink that was offered in the handout to keep his bowels open. The handout has so much information that educates and breaks down the information to you very simple to help you understand how your body works and the good food source to eat during and after the cleanse. The handout is a good source to keep and not throw it away. I would recommend this product to anyone. *
by Talishia
I've never been so pleased with a product in all my life. It is only day five and I feel pulled to give my review of the 10 day colon cleanse. I have been struggling for years in finding a product, trying to eat right, and exercise anything to ease the pain of constipation and flatulence. Ive been Listening to the radio ads of DHerbs on the Steve Harvey morning show daily and have said to myself many times that I would give it a try and I never did. Finally I made a sacrifice and made the purchase. Its day five and I feel great. I'm not sluggish, i no longer crave meat and I don't have that awful feeling of bloating and gas. I am making plans to do this cleanse again and interested in the Full body Cleanse. Dherbs thank you for this product its a huge relief!!!! *
by Cheryl
It was awesome. It helped me with my overall health regiment. I recommended this product to my friends and family. *
by Michelle
I enjoyed the 10 day colon cleanse. Being that I had been having so many problems with my intestines I wasn't sure if it was going to work. It worked so well I have ordered it several times. And I lost weight while in the process of cleansing. *
by Keisha
The colon cleanse was very surprising because it was not harsh on my system like so many other products on the market. This is a great product to use especially if you don't like getting colonics. It was easy on my body and did not make me feel sick or have any other side effects like other products tend to do. *
by Mariecell
It's powerful and delivers what it promises.....a clean colon. It propelled me to a clean diet regimen of mainly vegetables and fruits. My weight loss was also expedited during that process. Gggggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttt product overall! Wondering why I type like this because its prompting me to provide a longer review and won't accept my original, straight to the point review. I guess they want to make sure it worth 15% off even though I've already spent like $500 on Dherbs products and have not received a point for every dollar spent as they claim. *
by Charwan
It worked like a charm. I had been dieting with no results, so along with my eating habits the colon cleanser I started to see the results and I felt better, healthier even. I wish I would've opted for the 20 day so I'm going to do it again. *
by Zenda
The cleanse instructions were easy to follow. I did not experience any cramping while on the program. I did not experience a bad taste while taking the products. It was easy taking the products during the work week. I lost 6 pounds that put my weight under 160lbs. My stomach started to flatten after day 2. My blood pressure decreased by 30 points within 4 days. The white of my eyes became whiter and this was a surprise result. This was my first time using a DHERBS program. I started with a 10 day cleanse because I new I could complete it. I will definitely do this cleanse again and try others. Eating fruit or a fruit smoothie for breakfast was filling and curved my appetite. Eating a fruit veggie combined smoothing for dinner produced the same results. I was amazed. I started the cleanse on a Saturday because I knew if I could get through the weekend I would be able to complete the cleanse. It worked for me. Try it. *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
Does the 10 Day Colon Cleanse make you use the bathroom often?
The 10 Day Colon Cleanse focuses on detoxing the intestine and addressing an excess amount of backed up waste. If you're a person who does not bowels movements on a daily basis, we would suggest doing this cleanse or the Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse only consists of one formula that addresses the colon and backed up waste, so you would experience less bowel movements. You can expect bowel movements in the morning due to the Colon Formula being the last supplement taken at night on the Full Body Cleanse. Otherwise, your bowel movements are controllable and related to foods you’re consuming over the course of the day.
This will be my first time ever doing anything like that should I do the colon cleanser or the full body cleanser first
We can better assist you if you tell us what you're trying to achieve in doing a cleanse. The best thing to start with would be the Full Body Cleanse if you're just looking to eliminate waste and toxins in addition to detoxing the major organs.
which one of these products is best to start off with. The total body cleanse or the 10 day colon cleanse. For male 56yrs,260lbs looking to loose weight especially in the stomach. over all weight loss is my goal especially if it help to reduce belly fat. your advise would be very helpful.
The Full Body Cleanse is the best product to start with. You're detoxing all of your major organs and eliminating waste and toxins from your system. In the process of detoxing, it helps to release unnecessary weight from the body. When your overall health is in a better state your body starts to function the way it should. You can move on to the other cleanses after.
Can I use this product before I do my full body cleanse.
It's best to do the Full Body Cleanse first and then move on to the Colon Cleanse.
I am looking for a cleanse to detoxify my body of the remnants of drugs from giving birth. Which is the best cleanse to start with?
We recommend that you start with The Full Body Cleanse. It's a master cleanse that detoxes all of the major organs, helping to boost your energy levels and immune system. The Full Body Cleanse helps pull the heavy metal toxins and waste from your system.
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