Chocolate Cherry Tart Raw Bar
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Chocolate Cherry Tart Raw Bar

Get a healthy dose of protein and fiber by snacking on this superfood bar, which combines notes of sweet cherry with bitter cacao.

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A cherry on top is always better when chocolate is involved. Our Chocolate Cherry Tart raw food bar is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. The intense dark chocolate flavors brighten up from the sweet dried cherries. The sweet dried cherries and dates bind the sunflower seeds, cacao, and hemp seeds together for smooth texture with pockets of crunch. Snacking on this nut-free bar satisfies any sweet or chocolaty craving that you have in a healthier and more satisfying way. 

This bar is fully raw, dairy-free, plant-based, and vegan, making it the perfect snack during any Dherbs Cleanse.

Shelf-Life & Refrigeration

We recommend storing your bars in the fridge, especially in warm climates and during the summer.

Here's how long your bars will stay good at different temperatures:

  • 1-2 months at room temperature
  • 2-3 months in the fridge
  • 6 months when frozen

(Please note that because the bars will stay good for 1-2 months at room temperature, they are perfectly fine during shipment.)

* Allergen Information: Produced in a facility that also processes nuts.

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  • Otis
    Great tasting organic snack! I highly recommend this chocolate cherry treat!!! *
  • Melissa
    This is a great tasting bar, it takes care of all those cravings. *
  • Jenaya
    One of my favorites bars. Great for dessert when I'm still hungry at night. *
  • Robin
    One of my favorites! Wish they were should in boxes of 5 instead individually. *
  • Karen
    I ordered and tried the cherry tart bar. Though reason is the other ones were so phenomenal I figured the flavor won’t make that much difference. However, in my opinion this wasn’t exactly true. The flavor accommodation though it’s very popular to put together for this bar it did not work for me. I found this bar to have an artificial sort of a taste that I did not experience with the other flavors that I have tried. The mouth full of goodness I was expecting, ended in a different result for me I could not bear the taste nor the texture of this bar . I will order other bar flavors, but this specific flavor cherry tart was a little off for me. Perhaps someone that was looking for a substitute for a cherry cordial may have Like this but from my perspective it did not leave me feeling thinking ahead an healthy experience. *
  • Sharon
    This is delicious! I appreciate that it is low sodium and low sugar. It's a great addition to my diet. *
  • Tiffany
    This snack is so delicious. A wonderful snack to have during the full body cleanse. *
  • Gloria
    The sweet chocolate & semi sour cherries was a great combination idea! *
  • Nisha
    This bar along with the Island Breeze has to be one of my absolute favorites. I love the sweet taste of the cherries mixed with the chocolate. The best thing about these bars is that they have no preservatives or artificial flavors so you can eat these as a healthy snack without feeling guilty. It would be nice if they offered a bundle deal for buying them because they are expensive. *
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