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Reviews: 10 Day Heart Cleanse

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  • 10 Day Heart Cleanse

    When I first got wind of this cleanse I was happy. It was a god send. This is one that I will cherish. Thanks kindly. *
  • 10 Day Heart Cleanse

    Really, really good product. I had some pain in my chest, after I did this, it was no more. Loved it. *
  • 10 Day Heart Cleanse

    This is a great product. I felt very energized and blood pressure went down. *
  • 10 Day Heart Cleanse

    My husband lost about 8lbs and improved his eating habits. Great product! *
  • 10 Day Heart Cleanse

    As usual, their cleanse has produced as expected. Just like they advertised; the real deal as I always say, so long as you stick to the script which shouldn't be all that hard for ten days. Highly recommended for all! *
  • 10 Day Heart Cleanse

    Prior to starting the cleanse I was experiencing sluggishness due to poor diet and no exercise. After a few days on the cleanse I felt 100% better. I've followed up the heart cleanse with the full body cleanse. *
  • 10 Day Heart Cleanse

    I completed the 10 Day Heart Cleanse. I thank God and Dherbs for this cleanse. I will try to do this cleanse every quarter just to keep things under control. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone that will listen. *
  • 10 Day Heart Cleanse

    I bought the 10 Day Heart Cleanse for my mother. She followed the cleanse to the best of her ability for she is 83 years old, lost 5 pounds, and lots of liquid waste. Her doctor was very happy to see my mother much better than her previous visit for he had nothing else to do for her, and he was highly concerned; he encouraged my mother to continue doing what she was doing. I will continue buying this cleanse for my mother. I have recommended this product to my sister, she needs it. Thank you very much Dherbs, I mean it. Thank you!!! *
  • 10 Day Heart Cleanse

    I have completed 2 back to back 10 day heart cleanses. And I am no longer skeptical about taking stairs because of shortness of breath. Thanks dherbs for your great product. I will be using it again in the spring. Ronald Coleman San Antonio, Tx *
11 results

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10 Day Heart Cleanse 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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