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  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I did the full body cleanse recently. I love this product. It was great. I recommend it totally. *
  • Uterus Formula All reviews for this item

    I have used fibroid buster for two months and the heavy bleeding has stopped! I Luv the Fibroid Buster!!! *
  • Zinc Formula All reviews for this item

    After the FBD, I was looking for products that would enhance my overall health. The Zinc Phosphate was a personal choice to complement and support, as well as promote hair growth and skin. It is a pleasant experience to have the Zinc working to give me this renewed confidence with hair strengthening *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    The Full Body Cleanse is the best. It was a little challenging in the beginning but I stuck with the regiment and without any exercise lost 10 pounds which was amazing. Detox the body for optimal health naturally. *
  • Cardiovascular All reviews for this item

    This is an excellent supplement. My breathing was smooth and my heart rate seemed to level off. My BP lowered a little. I only took it for one month. I would like to take it for another month to see if my BP lowers more instead of using prescribed medication. *
  • Weight Release Tea All reviews for this item

    I love this tea (WEIGHT RELEASE tea)! It has a great flavor. I sometimes add a little honey and lemon. It really helps me to eliminate more waste and I feel/look a lot less bloated when using this tea! *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I love the FBD it makes one feel cleaned and energized, which naturally causes weight release. After completion of the FBD, I will then do the weight release kit. The FBD is amazing and I have introduced it to my sons who also love it. I recommend this product to anyone who has health issues or just *
  • Anti-V Formula All reviews for this item

    I have been using this product since Oct 2008 and find a great relief from it. I feel energetic and my cd4 count is very high and going strong. Many thanks and blessings. Living in London England I have not found such a company like this so it’s good to know you are there. *
  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz) All reviews for this item

    This Product is WONDERFUL. This product is a must have on hand at all times. I have been using this on my hair and can tell a dramatic difference in the health, length and texture. I also recommended this product to my sister who has a two month old son that was broke out from head to toe and he beg *
6700 results
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