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  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    This detox has changed my life. Not only did I lose weight, but it has forever made me aware that the old way I used to eat is not acceptable. I have NEVER had this much energy and mental clarity. I wish I had known about the detox sooner. Thanks D.herbs. *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I've used the Full Body Cleanse about 4 times. I think it's a good product. The last time I used it was in January of this year. This time around I lost about 20 lbs. It surprised me because I usually lose about 12 lbs on my cleanses. I didn't really do the cleanse to lose weight. I wanted to jump s *
  • The Male Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I am lucky to follow these cleanse products. I followed the Full Body Cleanse, followed by Parawrm cleanse and then did the The Male Cleanse. I am providing my feedback is that this is a boon for me. I am feeling like I am 16. Like Dherbs mentioned, my partner's found the difference. Thank you Dherb *
  • Athletic Boost All reviews for this item

    Athletic Power is a powerful tool to my overall health. I cannot imagine being without it. *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I absolutely love this cleanse. This the second time I've done it and both times I felt restored afterward. If anyone is thinking about buying a total cleanse that is real, then this is the one for you. *
  • Mucus Formula All reviews for this item

    The "MUCUS FORMULA" is a wonderful product as well as every other product on this site. I have never been this healthy till I started using DHERBS. This product alone naturally clears up any fluid that you are experiencing within the ears, nose, throat and even your chest. Don't think twice about pu *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I received the Full Body Cleanse as a gift from the hubby. At first, I was leery about it because I did not know if it was going to work for me. I actually started my cleanse two days before I began taking the Full Body Cleanse to prepare my body for it. Meaning, eating the raw fruits, raw vegetable *
  • Immune Formula All reviews for this item

    I have been using this product for a few weeks and it has helped me tremendously!!! I love these products! *
  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals All reviews for this item

    The testimony is when I ran out of the vitamins. I only take daily and twice when I'm feeling low. When I run out, my system and cycle are out of balance. Being part vegetarian is not enough. This is an awesome supplement. It is something I plan to keep in stock. *
7739 results
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