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  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz) All reviews for this item

    This Oz Oil is perfect for men who shave and need to hydrate their face. This works good with the Black Seed Soap.I use the Black Seed soap to cleanse my face first, then I rinse it off, relather my face with the soap,shave, and then apply the Oz Oil instead of the aftershave products that are sold *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I highly recommend the FBD!!! The first 4-5 days was rough as I was a meat eater. I recommend stocking up on fruits and veggies to have handy to fight off temptation.I experienced every symptom from, headaches, bloating, mucuos,etc. I never had so many bowel movements in my life, 4-5 movements to be *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I've done the 10 day express cleanse and the 20 day full cleanse. I literally lost 1lb per day! The first couple days are a little tough but once my body flips that "detox switch" I felt great - mind, body, & soul! Now I'm ready to try the weight release & cleanse just in time for my 40th birthday. *
  • Smoke-Less Formula All reviews for this item

    Smoke -Less is amazing for taking away the physical craving of smoking. I can go hours without even thinking of smoking! It is a wonderful product for anyone who needs support quitting. *
  • The Male Cleanse All reviews for this item

    The Male Cleanse will definitely be something I do every year now!! This will ensure "on demand" 18 year old action. *
  • Uterus Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I saw so much improvement with the uterus cleanse that I did a second cleanse within three months. I used to suffer from severe pains as a result of fibroids but I've noticed the cleanse brought it down significantly. My skin is looking amazing after the cleanse. I take the fibroid/uterus formula fo *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I truly enjoyed the cleanse and the products. I was not a fan of the charcoal but made the effort to try it in the beginning. I followed the program daily except for the charcoal, which I forgot about since it had to drink it before bed. I was focused on making sure to take all of the capsules daily *
  • Bowel Motion All reviews for this item

    The Bowel Motion does what it say it will do!!! Keep your bowel in motion with no pain or cramps like that other stuff. TRACY *
  • The Dherbs 180 Challenge All reviews for this item

    I feel so excited about the progress I have made in such a short time. I know this sounds like a cliche... I feel different. I think I am different. *
9657 results
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