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  • Hair Skin Nails All reviews for this item

    I noticed a tremendous change in my hair. I'm a 4c natural. My hair has a looser curl pattern since I started using hair skin and nail. My hair looks hydrated. My skin looks great no black circles around my eyes and my skin tone is even around my face. Great product. *
  • Liver, Gallbladder & Spleen Tea All reviews for this item

    Really helped me. I would use again. And affordable price wise. *
  • Colon & Digestive Tract All reviews for this item

    It's okay but I need something a Lil better. I think I have gotten immune to these pills. *
  • Brain Booster Tea All reviews for this item

    this tea was great! cleared my head so i could really focus. Also it tastes delicious *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    Thank you Dherbs for being able to provide such a powerful Full Body Cleanse. I have heard about this product on the Steve Harvey Show around the same time of last year. I had decided to give it a try at that time. After trying it, my experience has not only positively affected my weight, but also m *
  • Blood & Lymphatic All reviews for this item

    I truly appreciate dherbs and the blood and lymphatic formula. My skin is softer and taking the formula helps as a catalyst to help make more positive changes. *
  • Lip Butter - Peppermint + Juniper All reviews for this item

    Dherbs, loved the lip balm it provided great moisture to my lips. *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I purchased the full body cleanse about 2 months ago and I must say this product was amazing. Since the cleanse I've lost a total of 15 pounds and i'm feeling great and loving the way I look today. :) I would recommend this product to anyone who uses it and if correctly used you will see the results *
  • The Female Cleanse All reviews for this item

    well i just wanted to say i just finished my cleanse on friday and let me tell you first no pms no headaches no hunger pain i did not even know my period was coming i feel fantastic i want to do it again because i feel wonderful.thanks *
6934 results
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