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  • Lungs & Respiratory Tea All reviews for this item

    WOW! The Best! I was a smoker and quit. Ordered 'Respiratory Aid' drops and it is the best. At the start of feeling any discomfort, I use this product and I feel better in one to two days. I have just found that they no longer have the product. I also ordered the tea and found this product does well *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    Ok...so I am on day 8 of the Full Body Cleanse...down 7 lbs so far! Very excited! Just ordered the weight release cleanse to start after I finish the 20 day full body. Will keep you posted!! *
  • Hair Skin Nails All reviews for this item

    I love this formula. I have been taking it for almost two months. I only take 2 a day so that it can last about 2 months. It is definitely working wonders for my nails and skin. I already have good nail structure and growth but since I have been taking this they grow back much faster and then don't *
  • Colon & Digestive Tract All reviews for this item

    I love the Colon and Digestive Tract Formula! This product keeps me regular without any harsh side effects. I discovered this product the first time I did the 20 day Full Body Cleanse. I was very impressed with the way it made me feel. My movements were clean with no cramping. After I did my second *
  • 10 Day Full Body Cleanse Express All reviews for this item

    This was just what I needed. I am a former athlete who use to be in shape but over the years I got content with my size and shape until I decided to use the D'Herbs full body cleanse. The 10 day cleanse was just what I needed and it helped me focus on staying healthy and working out more. I am now m *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I have done both the full body and female cleanse last year. Lost 10lbs each time and had a lot of energy. I have recommended this to a friend who had traces of diabetes and now has a clean bill at her last physical. Thank you *
  • Bowel Motion All reviews for this item

    The Bowel Motion is OMG, this product really works. This is the best thing I have ever taking. I will be a customer for life. *
  • Hair & Scalp Oil All reviews for this item

    It worked perfectly to naturally help my daughter's extremely dry scalp. Her scalp had some sort of infection evident from the extreme flaking and smelly scalp. I took care of it with this oil, after trying tee tree oil and some sort of over the counter medicating shampoo, and it would flake back up *
  • Anti-T Formula All reviews for this item

    I am very pleased with ALL of the items offered here! This is one of the very few companies that offer products that actually work in harmony with our bodies! I cannot express my thankfulness to the people at dherbs and whoever is creating these supplements/herbs......what a master of the arts we ha *
8083 results
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