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Reviews: Uterus Formula

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  • Uterus Formula

    I guess the product is working. I am satisfied with the product. *
  • Uterus Formula

    Before I started taking the Uterus Formula, Every month when I had my period I bled heavy with blood clots for 3 weeks at a time. My doctor wanted to do an Hysterectomy. I prayed I ask the Lord to bless my body because I did not want the surgery. I started taking the Uterus Formula and two months later my doctor sent me to get a MRI, the doctor could not believe how things had shrunk. However recently I started to have heavy periods again so I will continue to take the Uterus Formula. *
  • Uterus Formula

    This was my first time using the uterus formula and I could see a big difference in this month's cycle. I was so relieved. Yea dherbs. *
  • Uterus Formula

    I have brought many products from Dherbs that worked well so I decided to try the uterus formula. Instant relief after only 1 bottle. My periods now only last 3-4 days with no intense pain. Sometimes I don't know my menses have started until I see it while using the bathroom!!! This really worked for me!! *
  • Uterus Formula

    Have not yet done the cleanse, but plan to. I am however drinking the Uterus Tea *
  • Uterus Formula

    Thank you Dherbs! The Uterus Formula is amazing. I ordered it after taking the Uterus Cleanse last month and it continues the job. I do not need to use the bathroom too often since the t's do not press on my bladder anymore. I will continue using the Uterus Formula until I am completely rid of these squatters. *
  • Uterus Formula

    I have been using the Uterus Formula for about 4 months now and my periods are improving every month. *
  • Uterus Formula

    I've been taking the Uterus Formula for a couple weeks now and I can feel the difference. I'm bleeding less and I can feel throbbing/shrinking. This is the very first Dherbs product that i've tried. I now want to try the Full Body Cleanse. *
  • Uterus Formula

    Wow! What an amazing product the Uterus Formula is...I took the capsules as directed for 1 month and I can definitely see a change that it has made in my body. Thank you Dherbs for an answered prayer! I recommend you to anyone! I also ordered the Uterus Tea as it is awesome as well! I am ready to place my next order for more Uterus Formulas. Ella *
90 results

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Uterus Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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