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8091 results
  • 10 Day Colon Cleanser All reviews for this item

    This product was too strong cause me to have severe diarrhea for two days lost 9 pounds *
  • Slim Stick All reviews for this item

    I used this religiously every day at 8:15pm down to the plastic, I guess this product doesn't work for me. *
  • Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint) All reviews for this item

    Very disappointed with this product, didn't really expirence the feel or smell of the peppermint or Juniper. *
  • Weight Release Tea All reviews for this item

    Didn't loss a pound....waste of money. Took as directed and got nothing. Doesn't taste bad...but does nothing for weight loss *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I did not see any results or difference in my well being...for some people it may work! *
  • Full Body Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I'm a little disappointed this time. This is my second time doing the cleanse, the first time I did the cleanse it was 3 years ago and I had great releases if you know what I mean which gave me weight loss. This time I'm not sure what happened, this time I only had 2 releases out of 20 days with fol *
  • Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook) All reviews for this item

    Our group did not feel the Ebook was beneficial. Basically a repeat of instruction that were provided. *
  • Prostate Formula All reviews for this item

    Have been using this for almost 60 days with no noticeable difference in urine flow or any other effect. This could be too soon but one should temper his expectations understanding that a condition that has developed over 50 years is not likely to quickly and dramatically change by diet or supplemen *
  • The Male Cleanse All reviews for this item

    I took the Total Male Cleanse and all it really did for me was that I lost 12 lbs that I didn’t need to lose. While on the cleanse I could feel some sort of activity in my groin area but after the 3 weeks of the cleanse the only thing that had happened was that I lost 12lbs. *
8091 results
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