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Reviews: Uterus Tea

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  • Uterus Tea

    I’ve been using the uterus tea for a couple of days now and the tea is good. No need to add any sweetness to it as it has a naturally sweet flavor. I feel lighter just in the short time of using it. I have fibroids and after reading the reviews of others I knew this was the way to go as I did not want to have a hysterectomy as my OB doctor suggested. I will continue using and can’t wait to see the end results! *
  • Uterus Tea

    I started off with this tea, then I added the uterus formula. The first month with this tea helped control my heavy flow, this is why I decided to use the uterus formula as well. Due to limited resources, I drink both during my period, and then use mostly the uterus formula throughout the month. I would say use both if can. An added bonus is that it tastes great, I have drank it both cold and warm. I would highly recommend this tea. *
  • Uterus Tea

    I had my first cycle since taking this tea! What a difference! I have not had a normal cycle in 2 years! Since this is the first one, I'm still scared when I wake up thinking I have to run to the bathroom...but nope I've been a okay. Thank you! I will be ordering more soon!! *
  • Uterus Tea

    I have only been using the tea for 7 days taking one cup per day. I noticed I felt better right away. I will keep taking it. I would highly recommend it. *
  • Uterus Tea

    The Uterus Tea was amazing..it stopped my heavy flow and unbearable cramping on the first day of taking the product. I will definitely continue to purchase this product along with the uterus cleanse. Dherbs this is the best product I have found to help with the constant pain and flow I was having. It seems the herbs in this tea went straight to the source of my problems...alleviating all of them at once..I had tried lots of holistic remedies but nothing has come close to the uterus tea. *
  • Uterus Tea

    It's quite MYSTIFYING how effective and fast-acting this product is. I am, and will forever be, a faithful consumer of Dherbs Uterus tea. I'm on my third package and am simply amazed at it's POSITIVE effect on my menstrual cycle...and if my cycle is improving SURELY my body is improving!! A week before my cycle, I begin drinking the tea twice a day (cup in the morning and in the afternoon). My cycle has gone from 8 days to 6 days!! (there were a couple months when I didn't drink the tea and my cycle was 7 days, so I know for SURE the tea is effective) Also, my cycle used to be heavy the first 2 days. Now it's heavy/medium the first day, and medium the second day, and so on. I thank God for DHerbs!! These little bags are LIFE to me!! Jesus answered my prayers !! *
  • Uterus Tea

    I love, love, love the Uterus Tea from DHerbs. I've noticed that my cycle is a lot more regular since using this product (five months and counting) and that when I drink it in the evening, it's really calming and allows me to fall asleep easier. It tastes great and I enjoy hot or cold. *
  • Uterus Tea

    I have been using Uterus Tea I had laser surgery done four fibroids and I would have heavy cycles with really bad pains and all. But after reading about different products i came across Dherbs and I have been using the Uterus Tea and my whole world has changed ???? I myself would recommend this product to many of my co workers in fact I have told many of my colleagues about the Dherbs products it has something for all types of problems. #DherbsHerbalFormulas ???? *
  • Uterus Tea

    I purchased the Uterus Tea along with the Female Cleanse and noticed an immediate difference in my cycle. It was lighter, and I tend to have heavy cycles, and wasn't heavy for the full 5 to 6 days. *
51 results

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