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  • Substance Cleanse

    I was completely satisfied with the results of the substance cleanse. I have been using & studying herbs & their effects for over 3 decades. DHERBS formula for substance abuse was blended to perfection. My patient experienced a profound awakening on many levels. I will be following up with another formula. I find your products & knowledge exceptional. Thank You. *
  • Substance Cleanse

    The Substance Abuse cleanse is awesome. After 3 days I had no desire for wine. This cleanse helped me with my healing process from addiction of alcohol. I meditate, read a daily word, and exercise daily and it has been a great journey for me. One thing, if the charcoal could come in a capsule form that would be awesome. A bit messy. *
  • Substance Cleanse

    I loved this cleanse. I haven't wanted cigarettes or Starbucks in months. I smoked half a pack a day along with 2 visits to Starbucks per day too. I've saved so much money. I had a steak and it even tasted better. Best cleanse ever. That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best money spent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *
  • Substance Cleanse

    The cleanse was excellent. It helped me a lot especially in the second week. I would recommend this product to other people. It would benefit them. *
4 results

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