Goji Berry Raw Bar

Goji Berry Raw Bar

Our Goji Berry Bar is all about the nutty and slightly sweet flavors, in addition to the fiber and healthy fats that help you avoid any feelings of hunger.

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Don’t worry about being tempted by unhealthy snacks when you have this bar in your pocket. Our Goji Berry raw food bar contains essential nutrients that help you avoid starvation…that may be a little dramatic, but it does keep you full, no matter if you’re commuting or getting ready for a workout. The mildly sweet and tart flavor of the goji berries and cranberries are soft, providing a pleasant counterbalance to the crunchy almonds and walnuts. Discover a new pocket of flavor in every single bite! This bar is fully raw, dairy-free, plant-based, and vegan, making it the perfect snack during any Dherbs Cleanse.

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  • Laflecia
    I love this bar, it also curbs my appetite. I will be ordering more. *
  • Renee
    I love this bar and after two 20 day cleanses, it's my snack over chips and candy. *
  • Joseph
    Nothing special, but served its purpose. It kind of falls apart very easily when eating it. *
  • Dominique
    Currently on the FBC and I use these raw food bars as a snack. Super tasty. *
  • Shaunda
    I think it taste delicious. It had the right amount of sweetness. The flavor made me want more. I really enjoyed this bar. *
  • Cheryl
    Very satisfying especially while on the raw cleans but I would enjoy at anytime! *
  • Amandra
    I gave it 4 stars because of the price. For me, the portion does match the almost $5 a bar. However, the taste is five star. *
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