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Reviews: Weight Release Formula

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  • Weight Release Formula

    I love the Weight Release Formula. I started noticing a difference after the second day...IT REALLY DOES help me shed weight from my mid section. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    After doing the Full Body Cleanse - this is a must!! It continues the process of the weight shedding that the Full Body Cleanse initiates and really makes a huge difference in your overall results. If you keep on the raw foods especially, the weight loss form speeds up your overall weight loss. I have used it after every Dherbs full body cleanse and it makes a big difference every time! *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I've used this product for a week and I'm loosing my stomach and it gives me energy. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    This is one of many items I use and I love it thank u so much Dherbs.... *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I was very pleased with the weight release regimen. I found it to be very effective and I did not experience any side effects. I am looking forward to my second cleanse and weight release regimen opportunity. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I have tried so many weight reduction products in the past that GNC knew me by name. Most of those products gave me headaches and often times vomited and had jitters along with rapid heartbeat which I knew couldn't be healthy. I was tired of being overweight and being at high risk for a multitude of health problems. I stumbled across DHERBS website. I started reading reviews of the different weight release products and started with the WEIGHT RELEASE formula. I began taking it routinely after taking it the first couple days to see how it agreed with my body. I took it for 2 months straight as habit and noticed when I finally ran out and didn't reorder I lost 20lbs. I felt confident, I felt rejuvenated. Not only did I lose those 20 lbs, I gained my confidence back. I had minimal side effects and noticed my decrease in desire to eat sweets. This is a must have. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    This product is amazing to help you shed those unwanted pounds along with the strict diet and a little exercise. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    Dherbs Weight Release Formula was a great choice for me. It made me feel light in size and felt better overall. Great product! Would I order more, YES!!!!!! :) *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I love this product every since I have been using this product with the maintenance package, I have been losing weight faster. I love this product and I have been noticing a big difference in my weight loss. *
100 results

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Weight Release Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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