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  • Female Inhaler

    I purchased the Female Toner Inspirant as a precautionary for hot flashes. I love inhaling the inspirant and saying the affirmations. I would not be without this product. *
  • Female Inhaler

    I called dherbs and was told the female inhaler was an excellent product. I purchased it and it is great. The aroma is wonderful. I use it all the time. I plan on purchasing one for my sister. *
  • Female Inhaler

    I purchased the Female Inhaler to see if it would help my body feel more stable and uplifted throughout the day and this product genuinely works. I was a little skeptical at first but I am a firm believer in essential oils and there aromatherapy benefits, so I thought that I could at least give it a try. I have used this one for about a month now. I use it whenever I am not feeling 100% throughout the day. It uplifts my mood and helps me to relax. I have just recently purchased the Feel Good Inhaler and am waiting for it in the mail, will leave a review after I have tried it!! *
  • Female Inhaler

    After some apprehension, I ordered this product. I was reluctant because in my mind how can an inhaler (aerosol) help my reproductive system in any way. However, I ordered and am very satisfied and happy I did. Whatever is in this little barrel seems to ignite a little something I haven't felt in a minute. Not like this! Anyway, I'm currently still experimenting with this and other enhancements and I am excited. Enjoying *
4 results

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