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  • Calming Inhaler

    I absolutely recommend this product for anyone who finds themselves having days with hectic workloads or schedules. Im ususlly in favor of fixing a nice hot cup of chamomile tea when in need of elaxing or calming down during intense moments. But fixing tea is not always possible to do, so the next best thing for me is The Calming Inspirant. It works just as well and is always handy. I really appreciate this product! Peace & Blessings. *
  • Calming Inhaler

    I highly recommend the Calming Inhaler . My 12 year old daughter takes this along with the Nerve Formula and what a difference it has done in her life. Thank you DHERBS. *
  • Calming Inhaler

    Oh! My gosh, I use the calming inhaler at night before I go to be and found it to be very relaxing. Thank you DHerbs for carrying a great line of herbs! *
  • Calming Inhaler

    I purchased it for my son that has ADHD, and it actually helped to calm him. Thanks DHERBS! *
  • Calming Inhaler

    The calming inhaler is awesome. I get nervous sometimes and this inhaler helps me relax and handle my business. I keep it in my purse. I love this product. Thanks Dherbs❤️ *
  • Calming Inhaler

    Great, soothing scent! I keep this at my desk & use it whenever things get hectic. The product really works to relax you. *
6 results

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