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Reviews: Anti-V Tea

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  • Anti-V Tea

    I bought this product a while back, but was sleeping on its benefits.. I had a terrible sore throat a few months ago, and this was the only thing that alleviated the pain..I even gave a packet to a co-worker who was also under the weather, and she too felt relief after drinking the tea... I feel it is a must have *
  • Anti-V Tea

    I love this Tea. Give me plenty of energy! Keeps me alert,and helps me sleep great! *
  • Anti-V Tea

    I don't know if it is actually working, but the taste is alright. It's not too bad. I drink mine without any additives. I haven't gotten sick so maybe it is working. I will buy another bag just in case. *
  • Anti-V Tea

    This product is amazing! Since I've been drinking this tea I haven't had a cold, sore throat or illnesses since! I also use the anti-v tablets as well. I really recommend this product!! *
  • Anti-V Tea

    So far, no colds, headaches, or sinus issues. And the taste isn't bad. I will be ordering more very soon. *
  • Anti-V Tea

    Any time my throat gets scratchy, or my nose gets runny or I start feeling like my immunity is down, I have the Anti-Viral Tea for three to four days in a row. I start feeling better by the 2nd day. This has worked for me every time and I never get a full fledged cold. This tea has a good taste and I enjoy it warm. *
  • Anti-V Tea

    This product is very good my whole family uses it during the winter time. I even put a bottle for my two-year-old niece. I love it, beats a cold! *
  • Anti-V Tea

    I want you all to know that I am so connected with my body now that I have found Dherbs and began to use it. I was so nervous about my doctors appointments that now I go with confidence knowing that I am taking good care of myself and paying close attention to what goes into my body. Thank you so much for giving me myself. *
  • Anti-V Tea

    This is the third time trying Anti-V Tea. I can tell the different each time I drink the tea. Started with one cup per day. Now I am drinking 2 cups per day. The tea strength is very strong, therefore adding half teaspoon of honey for taste. Immune system is making small adjustments. Will continue drinking Anti-V Tea. *
24 results

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