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  • Breathe Easy Inhaler

    I love using the Respiratory Inspirant. It helped me breathe easy. I will always have one with me. *
  • Breathe Easy Inhaler

    I have been using the Respiratory Inhaler for about 3 years now and I love it! Respiratory Inhaler has helped me when I am outside on nasty days I just inhale some and I'm fine. If I know I will be outside on hot, humid summer days or nights in Philadelphia, I just take it with me for comfort and relief. The best part is you just BREATHE IT IN ! Very CONVENIENT!!! It is also wonderful for soothing irritated mucous membranes during colds (I hardly get any since using it in combination with the Astragalus-Goldenseal-Echinacea Extract) and soothing the horrible DRYING EFFECTS of forced hot air heat during winter on the East Coast. When not carrying it with me, I keep it at my bedside. I strongly recommend this product to anyone. PEACE and GOOD HEALTH to ALL! *
  • Breathe Easy Inhaler

    I mostly use the Respiratory Inspirant at bedtime. I think it has really helped my air passage especially at night. Thanks Dherbs for another great product! *
  • Breathe Easy Inhaler

    While on my holiday in egypt, I found this inspirant quite helpful. As well as having to deal with extremely high temperatures, the air was also really thick. I used the respiratory inspirant to help clear my airways, which made it easier to breathe. As always, it worked just fine. <p> Watson *
  • Breathe Easy Inhaler

    I have been using the Respiratory Inhaler for about a week and I already feel the results..... Good stuff! *
  • Breathe Easy Inhaler

    Greetings: I receive my package Friday, Dec.15, 2017 along with the Lung & Respiratory Herbs, Lung & Respiratory Tea, I use all three at the same time and my Lungs Open right up. Before I received D Herbs package my oxygen level was low, energy level low, and shortness of breath, I had to use the nebulizer machine every 4 to 6 hours and get up thru the night for a treatment. I am so Grateful for D Herbs! I will be ordering all three products again. For anyone that suffers with Asthma these products is something you Always one to have in your cabinet. Peace, Blessings & Love *
  • Breathe Easy Inhaler

    I LOVE this product! Every morning before I leave the house, I use this and it, literally, gives me clear breathing to start off my day. Thank you, DHerbs! *
7 results

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