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Reviews: Bowel Motion Tea

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  • Bowel Motion Tea

    I was iffey at first to try this tea and I am not very much of a tea person but it was the best tea i ever had and it help me with my digestive problem I recommend this product to everyone! *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    Bowel motion tea was awesome. It's just what I have been looking for. I have been constipated for sometime all I needed was a relief, I finally found this tea called bowel motion that is so great. Thanks Dherbs for making this product available. *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    This is a great product. I would have motion tea first in the morning or before bed. The movement is smooth with no cramping or weird feelings in your gut. This product feels natural, easy and convenient. *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    I love, love the Bowel Motion Tea. I ordered the Bowel Motion Tea more than one time. Love, love love! *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    I was looking for a product like this that did not give me the jittery after I have drank it. This tea is amazingly awesome. I have recommended it to a friend and she has also experience the amazing results of this tea. She said when she travels, she always get constipated. I recommended the Bowel motion tea, she is taking it everyday and love the flavor and had great result. I now have up to 4 bowel movement a day. I always struggled with energy due to being a diabetic. It has given the lift that I needed each day and it had lower my blood sugar tremendously. Thank you Dherbs for such a amazing product. I am constantly ordering different teas as well. I love the weight release and bowel motion teas the most Thanks you it is a Godsend. The BEST!!!!!!! *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    This product did everything that I needed it to do and I will continue to use it. *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    I use this tea even when I am not doing any cleansing. It has a wonderful flavor and definitely keeps everything moving. Both my husband and I use this product and recommend it. We are gearing up for another cleanse this week and will make this tea part of journey. *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    Whenever I'm backed up...I take these ...it says take 3 but 2 does it for me. It is great on the stomach and will not cause cramping. These pills are costly but well worth the price. I keep these pills handy. Over the counter products hurt my stomach, they cause cramping, abdominal pain and are hard on the stomach. Dherbs products are a must in my household. I tell all my friends and family about Dherbs products. *
  • Bowel Motion Tea

    I've been using this tea for about 2 weeks. I drink a cup every night and it keeps me regular every morning. This tea does not have you running to the bathroom and does not mess with your stomach. I have also noticed that my stomach is also going down and I'm not bloated like I used to be. I'm about to order the 20 day cleanse but I will definitely be ordering more of this tea. *
36 results

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Bowel Motion Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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