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Reviews: P.M. PitTox Deodorant

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  • P.M. PitTox Deodorant

    I have been using the PM Detox Deodorant for a little over 2 weeks, and I love it! I smell fresher, and my armpits are prettier. :) I've been experimenting with not wearing deodorant lately and my underarms have been smelling better and better. (My friends agree. I didn't have a serious BO problem before though.) I have had a problem with little red bumps under there, which has cleared up. They were kind of like razor bumps, but sometimes they showed up after using regular deodorant, not after shaving. I recommend! *
  • P.M. PitTox Deodorant

    When I was using the P.M. Pit Tox Deodorant, I felt like my underarms smelled worse. At first I was a little afraid to use this, and stop using the chemical laden deodorants. But I must say, what a difference. First thing I will purchase at least two. Dherbs you've saved me again. Please don't change, you guys are awesome. *
  • P.M. PitTox Deodorant

    The P.M. Pit Tox Deodorant works very well. I only need to use it once a week. After bathing or showering at night, I apply it and leave it on all night. When I wake up in the morning, I wipe it off and apply my daily organic deodorant. I no longer have underarm odor. *
  • P.M. PitTox Deodorant

    I was experiencing an underarm odor but once I used PM PitTox deodorant the odor just went away. I have been telling everyone about this and I recommend it for everyone. It's great!!! I will use it again probably in about three months. I love PM Pittox deodorant and I recommend this item for my family and friends because it does work... *
  • P.M. PitTox Deodorant

    The P.M. PitTox Deodorant is a great idea and works beyond expectations. I found it to be quite gentle and exceedingly effective in detoxing and eliminates that which causes odor, especially in hot weather. I use it every night and a few days per week I can skip deodorant. *
  • P.M. PitTox Deodorant

    Using this P.M. PitTox Deodorant changed my life. You have to use it with a natural soap and natural deodorant. I LOVE the fact that I can feel the sweat under my arms. It doesn't smell and it feel like water. I love this product! *
  • P.M. PitTox Deodorant

    This my latest favorite new Dherbs product discovery... I have had my share of hormonal night sweats and am thrilled to report that the PM Detox Deodorant really makes me wake up feeling & smelling so much more fresh! I love having something clean and detoxifying to put on after I shower, before bed. *
  • P.M. PitTox Deodorant

    This is a great product. I love the smell and noticed a big difference in the appearance and smell of my arm pits after using this product. I have ordered more and suggested this item to my family and friends. *
  • P.M. PitTox Deodorant

    It helped clear up the darkness under my underarms. *
9 results

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P.M. PitTox Deodorant 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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