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Libra – “The Scales”

September 24 – October 23 Cardinal (Enterprise, Ambition)Statement: “I Balance”Yang (Assertive, Bold, Expressive)Ruling Planet: VenusElement: Air GENERAL TRAITS: The Libra is a person of balance and harmony; sensitive to the needs of others; even-tempered; insatiably curious; easily...

Leo – “The Lion”

July 21 – August 21 Fixed Sign (Strength, Willpower)Statement: “I Shine!”Yang (Assertive, Bold, Expressive)Ruling Planet: SunElement: Fire GENERAL: The pure Leo has a commanding personality and stands out from the crowd. Personal magnetism. A leader always seeking...

Liver Problems

The liver is one of the largest organs in the body, which means that it has a lot of responsibilities. Here are the problems that affect the liver.

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