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Fast Your Way to a Better Life

Fast Your Way to a Better Life Everyone has heard the tried and true methods for losing weight – eat healthy and exercise more. While those methods remain true, a new alternative is starting to take form...

FEATURE: What Do We Eat?

What is the truth about our body and what are its needs? WHAT DO WE EAT? The public has believed that our food supply and its nutrient value have been determined by the best minds. Doing the...

Flax Seed

Flax seed is a good fiber to take. I would recommend it as a good dietary fiber blend in addition to the beneficial omega oils it contains.

FEATURE: What About Our Pets?

We are seeing disease conditions in animals that we did not see years ago. Many of these may be traced to nutrition as the source…” Don E. Lundholm, DVM Dr. Kollath, of the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm,...

FEATURE: Concentration is Everything

“The mind, in meditation must be so perfectly still that not a ripple of thought enters it. God, the Subtlest Reality, cannot be perceived except in utter silence.” -Swami Kriyananda, The Ananda Course in Self-Realization Perfect peace...

Fluoride-coated Frying Pans

If you are cooking your food in those convenient, non-sticking Teflon pans, you should know that you are cooking your food on fluoride. Fluoride is a very harmful man-made substance that sabotages and compromises health.