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The best natural substance a female could use to prevent or heal from eclampsia is carbon, activated charcoal. Nothing removes poison or toxins including heavy metal toxins from the body like carbon.

Eat Right For Your Blood Type?

Humans are so degenerate pertaining to diet. Determine blood type in order to improve upon their health. This is ludicrous. Look at blood to determine what I should be eating? This is nonsense. Eat according to energy, not blood type.

Everything Will Be Okay!

Regardless of what has just occurred or is going on in your life at present, everything that happens in your life happens for a reason and happens for the best or your greater good.

Epilepsy (Seizures)

Epilepsy can be healed. Best remedies for epilepsy. Dietary recommendations and products that aid in the prevention and healing of seizures. Herbs great for healing epilepsy increase and enhance oxygen flow throughout the body.


Do not confuse Ephedra with Ephedrine, which most people did and do due to blindly trusting the media. To do the above would be tantamount to confusing Coca with Cocaine. Cocaine is an alkaloid in the Coca leaf just as ephedrine is an alkaloid in ephedra.


You can use cornstarch or arrowroot powder to sprinkle on the skin to help soothe the irritated skin; or, you can use cool aloe vera gel on the skin. Calendula cream orgel may also provide relief of the itching.

Exposing Avesil

To tell if a mineral is unnatural, look for is a word or two after the main word. For example, calcium is what nature produced. If you see Calcium Carbonate, then you know man produced it. When another word or chemical name is added to the name of a mineral, this means the mineral is not natural.


The number one thing at a core level that separate real food (e.g. plants, fruits, vegetables) from animal flesh (meat, cadaver) is ENZYMES! Enzymes represent life, but being technical, enzymes are LIFE. Enzymes are the life force...

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