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Cell Salt Requirements Of Each Sign

Some of the biochemical experts have declared that the twelve principle cell salts found in the human body are ruled by the twelve signs of the Zodiac. They affirm that a person uses more of the cell-salt...

Capricorn – “The Goat”

December 23 – January 19 Cardinal (Enterprise, Ambition)Statement: “I Use!”Yin (Passive, Receptive, Withdrawn)Ruling Planet: MercuryElement: Earth GENERAL TRAITS: Pure Capricornians are predictable, plodding along on a steady course; stable, serious, independent, rocklike and cautiously confident; they are...

Cancer – “The Crab”

June 23 – July 23 Cardinal Sign (Enterprise, Ambition)Statement: “I Feel!”Yin (Passive, Receptive, Withdrawn)Ruling Planet: MoonElement: Water GENERAL: The nature of the pure Cancerian is akin to the nature of the crab: the hard outer shell conceals...


Chondroitin is a pseudo health product made from desiccated cowÂ’s trachea and is basically a waste product of the beef industry. There are numerous herbs from the earth and other natural products that can greatly help all joint conditions

Cancer: Causes and Remedies

Parasites may be implicated and involved in cancer as parasites can greatly survive in anaerobic environments. These therapies are big in Europe where they are also legal unlike here in the United States.


Cellulite is little bags under the skin holding fluid waste of the fatty reserve areas, the buttocks and thighs.

CURE: The Verboten Word

I have helped hundreds upon hundreds of people to heal themselves from a plethora of diseases including so-called incurable diseases. Many have told me they were cured, and showed me medical printouts bearing witness.

Can Herbal Formulas Be Taken Together?

Herbs are food, not drugs. You cannot experience a fatal overdose by combining them. Though there is a science to combining herbs as some herbs have a function or activity that cancel out the function of other herbs. Learn the property of herbs so you’ll know how to properly combine herbs them.


Circumcision is not mandatory and is totally optional. You have options pertaining to your male baby’s penis.

C-Sections Are Unnecessary!

C-sections are illogical when you understand that God didn’t come up short when creating the female and her vagina. It can stretch to accommodate any size head and body of a baby.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is okay to take if a person is battling an STD, parasitic infection or a so-called virus. After using colloidal silver, one must detoxify to prevent an accumulation of silver from accumulating in the tissues of joints since the body cannot rid colloids on it’s own.

Crystal Elixirs

An elixir is a medicinal potion. Elixirs are also known as essences and gem remedies. Elixirs are for internal and external use. They may be taken internally unless a particular gemstone is toxic, as a few of...


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