Joint Aid
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Joint Aid

An herbal supplement intended to help maintain healthy and strong skeletal and neuromuscular systems.*

  • Supports joint flexibility and strength*
  • Nourishes and helps maintaining healthy muscles and nerves*
  • Works to nourish the bones*
  • Helps to naturally cleanse joint tissue*

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Joint Aid

Joint Aid

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Joint Aid is formulated with botanicals that help support healthy bones, joints, and muscles, in an effort to help with occasional pain from exertion or exercise.*

This formula also helps to support improved flexibility, strength, and range of motion in the joints and muscles by helping to cleanse the body while allowing vital nutrients to continue nourishing your body.* 

100 vegetarian capsules per bottle.

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How To Use

Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adults: Take 3 capsules daily.

Children (under 12): Take 1 capsule daily.

  • Nisha
    I pulled a muscle in my lower back while working out, and I was in so much pain, I could barely bend over without feeling the pull and tear in my nerves. I took a few of the Joint Aid supplements to avoid using general pain medications, and it really helped. After about a week or so my back was back to normal, and I was able to carry out my regular routine with no problem. I also noticed my nails were growing while on this formula. *
  • Shari
    I absolutely love this product.... I bought this because my Im 40 and my knees started to sound like velcro and they hurt every time I walk downstairs... This is my first bottle and I can safely say it works ... I can run up and down the stairs again. NO MORE VELCRO *
  • Angela
    Love the product, within a week the pain in my knees had lessoned a lot. Taking the Joint Aid formula plus the Joint Aid Tea and the MSM Sulfur. The stiffness in my knees had went down so much that I am able to get up and out of the chair, as well as my bed and walk much better. Thank you. The pain in my lower back muscles has lessoned a lot. The results are so gradual that I didn't notice it until end of week or day then I realized that wait a minute I don't remember when last time I felt stiff or in pain. *
  • Evan
    I have had joint issues for many years of my life. Also i have taken the gambit of products looking for relief to date this is the best product for my joints, mostly the knees. I can take three in the morning and make it all day before the pain starts setting in its a wonderful help to my routine. I am in construction and I am good for an average of 24k steps and 30-40 flights of stairs a day. Previously I have taken everything from turmeric to MSM and many other things. So far this is my second bottle and i am very happy with the current state of my joints and their pain *
  • Victoria
    It definitely works. I had trigger finger to my right thumb which was very painful. This cured it. I take it daily. I think I would do even better if my diet was anti inflammatory *
  • Vanessa
    I have noticed some relief in my knees. It takes between 1-2 hours to feel the effect of it. *
  • Randall
    This item helps with stiffness in my body we will see how much help it gives within a month of taken it. *
  • Paula
    With a good nutrition plan, daily exercise and using this supplement has helped me with the knee pain and has prevented me from having to take a RA medication. The more I take it the better I feel. When my doctor wanted to put me on a first line of defense for RA but that it's possible that the medication could affect my liver and my kidneys. I was like ok lets put a pin in it for a few months. And that's when I remember hearing about Dherbs. I visited the website to see if there was anything that could help and I found Joint Aid. While I feel the doctors medication would have ripped and destroy vital organs throughout my body with no intelligence of what to aid the Dherbs Joint Aid kisses every part of me with love. *
  • Deborah
    Love this product. Have had back and knee pain for last 2 years. Very active at the gym and since taking this product , the pain has definitely lessened and refuse to take pain meds prescribed by doctor. I also use the tea and reorder monthly. Getting ready to order both again. Thank Dherbs for your amazing products. So grateful for your natural herbal products. *
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Yes, he can take both supplements safely. Just be sure to allow 2-3 hours in between taking the supplements. You want to allow your body time to absorb each one.

MSM Sulfur

All of our product's ingredients are fully listed for our customers to view. If you scroll down to the middle of the page on every product, you will see the ingredients tab in which everything that is used in the supplement is listed.

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