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  • MSM Sulfur

    This really helped get rid of my joint pain! I have a bit of knee pain nothing major, I work out a lot and am sore most of the time, this definitely helped alleviate the soreness, AND gave me a nice facial skin glow too! I've taken this formula before and it is now part of my daily to help with hair growth and body pain. I was having a "flare" of fibromyalgia and this helped immensely!! *
  • MSM Sulfur

    I love this product! It does wonders for the skin. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    I am pleased to report that it was beneficial in strengthening my hair. My stylist commented on the change within just weeks after I started taking it. Once I complete my next Full Body Detox, I know I will achieve even better results due to increased absorption. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    The MSM Sulfur definitely made a difference in my nails and hair growth. My hair was breaking off and falling out, now it has gotten full again, and my nails are really strong. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    I've just started on the MSM formula, and people around me have noticed a change in my appearance. One person asked what was wrong with my face, and I said nothing that I can see. They kept looking at me, and said that I looked younger. They also said that they thought my skin looked real smooth. That may be a result of my use of both the Oz, and Healing Oil which I also apply everyday, along with my intake of the MSM formula. I've been using the Oz Oil, and Healing Oil for some time but I was never told I looked younger until I started taking this formula. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • MSM Sulfur

    The MSM Sulfur definitely works. After taking it, I noticed that I have new hair growing all over, my skin also cleared up. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    The MSM Sulfur was incredible, it is definitely good for the hair, and the capsules are gelatin free which is a plus....thanks Dherbs *
  • MSM Sulfur

    The MSM Sulfur is a great product. I noticed I was not sore after working out. I will definitely buy this product again. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    Love MSM Sulfur! I take this daily! Love the extra benefits that I get from taking this (clear skin and hair growth). I hope Mr. Dolphin does not stop selling this supplement. *
56 results

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