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Reviews: Brain Booster Tea

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  • Brain Booster Tea

    I have this tea at work for the mornings I just can't seem to get it together and focus. Its really been a good natural help and taste well with alittle honey. *
  • Brain Booster Tea

    Wow the Brain Tuner Tea is amazing. My family and I started drinking it together and all of us experience a tingling feeling...everybody became more focus in their studies....I asked my son who has sickle cell anemia if he felt more focus at school...he said yes...I was so happy to have something so natural that really works...Thanks a lot! I am planning on buying your Full Body Detox and the sickle cell and children cleansing when my funds become more stable..I love it.. Thank you, Thank you & Thank you for beening real in helping people the natural way. God bless you! *
  • Brain Booster Tea

    Since I started drinking the brain tuner tea my memory and concentration has improved greatly. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Brain Booster Tea

    I read the reviews about the Brain Tuner Tea specifically one woman's results as a student, the tea helped her to focus and comprehend. I bought the tea and it worked wonderfully. My main goal for the tea was to remember things. I pride myself on remembering every customers name and when I started to forget their names, it was scary. After drinking the tea, I now remember their names and little things about them. I am doing the Full Body Detox next and focus on healing for 2011. *
  • Brain Booster Tea

    The BRAIN TUNER tea is nice! When I first started taking it, I received a weird type of high. But as I worked at my craft, I noticed I was productive. I assume since it consist of natural ingredients it's safe for direct consumption. Because after I drink the tea I break the bag open and mix the herbs in my oatmeal. It actually taste good too. *
  • Brain Booster Tea

    The BRAIN TUNER tea especially works if you have a consistenly healthy diet. I've notice a difference when I'm not doing my "due diligence" vs. staying on track. Tastes great, even without adding extras. *
  • Brain Booster Tea

    THe Brain Tuner Tea is a wonderful tea that helped boost my focus and concentration. *
  • Brain Booster Tea

    I started using brain tuner tea at least a month ago. I work fulltime and take college classes on-line which require alot of reading. I noticed with in a few day after drinking the tea in the morning my memory was really sharp, I could remember just about everything that I read, This is a must have product if you are in college or work alot of hours for concentration. *
  • Brain Booster Tea

    I absolutely love this tea! I drink a cup each morning. I am a full time doc student and have to put in long hours with class, reading, and studying. I have noticed that I am able to put in more hours of studying, have an increased ability to focus and can process much more information. I recommend this without a doubt! *
18 results

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