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Reviews: Brain Booster

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  • Brain Booster

    Thank God for the Brain Tuner! There is hope for those who juggle a full time job and attend night school, etc. This product will help you retain & maintain important information. I love it ! ! ! *
  • Brain Booster

    I love the Brain Booster. I decided to go without for couple of months just to see if it really works. I noticed a big difference with my memory. But since I've started back taking these herbs everything seems to be getting back to normal. Thank God. *
  • Brain Booster

    Bottom line, I love the product. it is the best on the market... *
  • Brain Booster

    I found this Brain Booster to help me with my vision. The blurring vision I had went from really bad (not able to read) to so much better (able to read). I plan on continuing with this product until my vision returns to normal. *
  • Brain Booster

    As I college student being focused and able to take in information is very important. Brain Tuner has helped me achieve this goal!!! *
  • Brain Booster

    Love this product (Brain Tuner), gives me so much more energy and thoughts seem to be clearer and less confused. Just sent a bottle to my Grandfather and hoping it will help him greatly. *
  • Brain Booster

    It seems to be doing its job. My memory is really improving and it's helping me to focus more. *
  • Brain Booster

    The Brain Tuner has helped me significantly. I was having trouble remembering simple things like how to spell. Being an educator, that was a bit disturbing to me. After using the Brain Tuner supplements I don't have that concern any longer. I enjoy this product as well as the Full Body Dextox, Weight Release (Loss) Formula , Colon Formula, and Multi-Vitamins and Minerals just to name a few! (Smile) *
  • Brain Booster

    I have used the brain booster on and off for the past 6 months. I find that when I do use it my mind is clear, I am able to focus a little better and I am calmer as well. Very good product! *
42 results

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