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Reviews: Brain Booster

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  • Brain Booster

    This product has really helped me stay energized and alert throughout the day. I've been taking the brain tuner along with the energizer formula and within a week there was a dramatic, but balanced increase in my energy levels. *
  • Brain Booster

    It seems to be doing its job. My memory is really improving and it's helping me to focus more. *
  • Brain Booster

    I have used the brain booster on and off for the past 6 months. I find that when I do use it my mind is clear, I am able to focus a little better and I am calmer as well. Very good product! *
  • Brain Booster

    Definately helped with my alertness in the days with consistent use. *
  • Brain Booster

    After going through menopause I saw a major in change focus and memory. I hate going to the doctor but I went to ensure nothing serious was happening to me. Once they ensured it wasn't the big "A", I did some research on products that could help with my problem without the crazy side effects of medication. That's when I tried the Brain tuner formula. Although I trusted the herbal process I did not expect the clarity of thought and focus I received from taking the Brain Turner so quickly. The Brain Tuner gave me back the clarity of thought and focus than I had prior to menopause. Brain Tuner will always be in my shopping cart. *
  • Brain Booster

    I purchased the Brain Tuner Formula for my 16 yr old daughter, to help her concentrate in school. The results associated with this product were wonderful, it helped her focus and complete her assignments. Thanks again for a wonderful product..... *
  • Brain Booster

    i bought the brain tuner product for my girlfriend and she thanked me in a big way. between her busy schedule and school work she is much more alert. shes more aware of what shes doing and she less aggravated. shes able to stay focused and balance her work load much better. thanks dherbs *
  • Brain Booster

    The Brain Tuner has helped me significantly. I was having trouble remembering simple things like how to spell. Being an educator, that was a bit disturbing to me. After using the Brain Tuner supplements I don't have that concern any longer. I enjoy this product as well as the Full Body Dextox, Weight Release (Loss) Formula , Colon Formula, and Multi-Vitamins and Minerals just to name a few! (Smile) *
  • Brain Booster

    I like the Brain Tuner, another one of Dherbs' great product. Upon taking the Brain Tuner I focused more in my production meetings and was more alert for my Toastmaster meeting. Keep on producing the great products. Thanks Dherbs! *
37 results

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