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Reviews: Cholesterol Formula

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  • Cholesterol Formula

    As you know, I've tried many of your different formulas for my family and friends. I had bought this particular formula for a friend of mine first and she couldn't stop raving about it. I was happy for her. Later, I introduced it to one of my sisters. Fortunately I had convinced her to do the full body detox first so the cholesteral formula could have a greater impact on lowering her cholesteral levels. She did. While both my friend and sister's cholesteral numbers dropped tremendously, my sister's levels were down far enough that it no longer was a problem. I mean no more high cholesteral levels at all. Poof, they were gone and she feels great. My friend's levels improved tremendously, but my sister received even more amazing results. I can only attribute those amazing results to the full body detox that she had done prior. The bottom line is that both received extremely good results where diet alone never helped make much change. Thank you Dherbs. You're a god send to my family and friends. *
  • Cholesterol Formula

    Awesome product! My doctor had told me that I needed to start medication ASAP. But, I told him I wanted to take this product for 3 months and if it did not work, would begin taking the prescription meds. When I went back 3 months later, both LDL and HDL were below high risk level. *
  • Cholesterol Formula

    This is really working for me. After taking it for 3 months I got my cholesterol rechecked, my total cholesterol literally dropped 20 points. I'm excited to see how much more it will improve @ my annual physical. BTW, because it works I'm completely off statins now. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Cholesterol Formula

    For the past few years my husband experienced an elevated cholesterol level. His doctor wanted to place him on medication, but he wanted to try something more natural. I purchased the cholesterol formula for him to try. The results were wonderful. His levels improved. We plan to do the full body cleanse. After that he would like to take the cholesterol formula for even better results. *
  • Cholesterol Formula

    Delivered on time and customer services answered all my concerns in a timely manner. Dherbs Cholesterol Formula dropped my cholesterol by 30 points, will continue to use vs. statins. No joint pain at all. *
  • Cholesterol Formula

    I really liked the cholesterol formula! I didn't feel a difference in how I really felt until about 30 days but I plan to continue to use! *
  • Cholesterol Formula

    I have had great results using the cholesterol formula! *
  • Cholesterol Formula

    I ordered the cholesterol formula for my hubby as his physician informed him, his cholesterol was a bit high. He loves it! I have used various Dherbs products and cleanse as well as product orders for family members too; we continue to be amazed with the results of the Dherbs products. Simply put, proven results and the best natural products on the market. I've ditched OTC vitamins and continue to use Dherbs as supplements and for overall nutrition. Thank you, Dherbs! *
  • Cholesterol Formula

    My cholesterol was measured very high on my last physical with my doctor. Heading into my 40's I needed something to assist with this problem. I started taking your Cholesterol formula and cut out all animal meat products. I just had another check up and my cholesterol lowered dramatically. Thank you for a great product. *
13 results

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