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  • Facial Skin Kit

    I have been using this product for over a month and I'm noticing huge improvement in my skin; less pimples, clearing of black spots and my face feels really smooth. excellent product. Will write another review/update in a few months to outline my progress. *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    Greetings to all! The ingredients used within this facial skin kit are not only beneficial to the skin, but they would also be an ideal product for those looking for something natural to use. I learned that the oils included in this kit can also be used to enhance your shampoo mixtures as well. I added the beauty oil to a diluted/unscented shampoo mixture, and my hair smelled wonderful! It smelled so wonderful that i'd pull my hair toward my face just to sniff the scent of the beauty oil. Ha! I thought I'd share that with those who enjoy using products that have multiple uses. Peace... *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    I enjoyed using the products,although I was missing the healing oil..... the only difference I have noticed is that my face feels really nice after washing it... still have discoloration haven't noticed any even skin tone.. *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    The Dherbs facial products works well. I will recommend it to people who are having problems with their skin, and for those you don't. *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    I really enjoyed the facial skin kit. My skin felt fresh and clean. The astringent and oil made my skin extra soft. I really loved the mask and smells of the products. Great product. *
14 results

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