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Reviews: Hair Skin Nails

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  • Hair Skin Nails

    I love this product my hair is more healthier and it's growing better. Nails are stronger and skin has always been radiant! *
  • Hair Skin Nails

    I have been using Hair Skin Nails since July 2017. It’s now close to April 2018. I have noticed less shedding *
  • Hair Skin Nails

    This Hair Skin Nail formula is very effective. I have been using it for more than a year now and results are amazing. My hair is growing longer *
  • Hair Skin Nails

    My hair was severely damaged by color a couple of months ago. I started taking Dherbs Hair Skin Nail Vitamins and it helped to strengthen my hair and it’s been growing quicker. Thank you Dherbs! *
  • Hair Skin Nails

    Wonderful product. My hair is filling back in fast within a month of using the product I've seen results. Getting ready to order another bottle as well as other products. I've tried everything but this is by far the best. Thx. *
  • Hair Skin Nails

    Hair Skin Nails pills are the best. My nails are growing beautifully. This is the longest my nails have grown along with my hair. People think my nails are fake. It used to take my nails months before they would grow. The products are pricey but well worth the money spent. *
  • Hair Skin Nails

    I gave these as a gift for a friend. Within a few days she was so excited because out of all the products (natural/unnatural) this was the only product that worked! Hair started sprouting in her bald spots, now she's done with one bottle her hair is growing long and healthy AND her skin is glowing! *
  • Hair Skin Nails

    Love this product, it helped my hair from perm damages. My nails are as healthy as they have ever been. *
  • Hair Skin Nails

    I absolutely love them. These pills changed the texture and thickness of my hair. I haven't seen a change in my nails yet but I will be ordering my second bottle. *
147 results

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Hair Skin Nails 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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