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Reviews: Lungs & Respiratory

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  • Lungs & Respiratory

    I am so glad to have "both nostrils" working. I can breath!! Excellent in clearing up mucus also. Thanks. *
  • Lungs & Respiratory

    Every since I started taking "Lungs & Respiratory", my cardiovascular exercises started getting much easier! Thanks DHerbs! *
  • Lungs & Respiratory

    I really like this cleanse and I will continue to used herb cleansing I am very satisfied. *
  • Lungs & Respiratory

    So far seems a potent blend to help keep my lungs healthy. Will order again I'm very pleased. *
  • Lungs & Respiratory

    Greetings DHERBS family & friends! I was in the process of rehabbing my house; I was exposed to a plethora of dust, paint and other toxic materials & chemicals. I purchased the Lungs & Respiratory Formula to expel the toxins from my lungs. I made sure my external body was well protected and covered up—I protected my face by wearing a facial mask and goggles; so, all I needed now was to protect my (internal body) respiratory system. I took daily: 10 capsules in the morning (before I began the work) and 10 capsules in the evening (after work); the next day, I felt fine. I noticed how both my Sista and brother-in-law had to take constant breaks due to their excessive coughing, runny noses and watery eyes—whereas, I did not experience any of those irritating ailments. I owe it to my dairy-free diet and the ingesting of the Lungs & Respiratory Formula! Yeah! *
  • Lungs & Respiratory

    Lungs & Respiratory Formula works great, I have asthma and I always use my inhaler before bed but ever since I started taking this and Lungs & Respiratory tea I have used my inhaler only once in the last month. This is amazing. Must take it everyday. *
  • Lungs & Respiratory

    The Lungs and Respiratory formula works like a charm! It helped clear out my mucus out of my lungs. It was pretty bad until I used this along with the Sinus and the Mucus buster formula. Great to have if you need to get rid of unwanted mucus. *
  • Lungs & Respiratory

    this product is great. i was diagnosed with sarcoidosis a few years ago and was given prednisone and advair to control it. prednisone has awful side effects, so i stopped taking it. i am now taking the lungs formula, capsusules and drinking the tea. i felt a difference the first time i took it. the coughing and shortness of breath is miminal compared to how it was before i started taking the supplements. i am so glad that i found this site and this remedy. thank you so much, you have a customer for life and i am telling everyone i can about this wonderful site. *
  • Lungs & Respiratory

    Absolutley amazing! I have deemed this item as the pinnacle of all respiratory formulas.. After consisted use of this product my breathing has become the clearest it has ever been and with a drastic change in my diet all traces of asthma have been completely eradicated! *
11 results

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Lungs & Respiratory 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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